Month: January 2019


Want To Learn Italian Fast? Follow These Simple Tips to Get Started

Learning anything takes time. Here, we are talking about foreign languages, especially Italian language and we will discuss how you can learn this language fast. There are many ways in which you can actually learn it. If you are from Kolkata, the most obvious way is to take up...


Straightforward Approaches You Must Take To Study Spanish in Kolkata

Many people other than Europe are now learning and using Spanish as this language has come to the limelight in the current times.However, to connect with the world through the language one needs to become proficient which one can do so by taking up the Spanish language course in...


How a French Training Institute Helps in Improving Pronunciations?

As an interested candidate wanting to take up French, it is indeed a challenge to find out the best institute from where you can take up the course.As a beginner in French, you will find pronunciations challenging and here we will discuss how you can overcome these difficulties. Today,...


Chinese for Beginners: A Basic Understanding of the Language

There are several areas where students learning Chinese face difficulties, and these span across different horizons viz. writing and recognizing the characters, the meaning of the characters forming the language, finding the right characters to make a word and pronunciations. One needs extensive training to learn and improve, and...


Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Learning Spanish

As a beginner in a foreign language, it is natural to make common mistakes. However, it is important to avoid such mistakes and learn the language correctly. Here, we will discuss the mistakes that beginners mostly make while learning Spanish. In fact, many advanced students taking up the different...


How Taking Up Regular German Classes in Kolkata Benefit Students?

When learning German or any other foreign language it is always recommended to take up regular classes. It has been seen that keeping a continuous touch with a foreign language helps one to learn it and remember it efficiently whenever required.Today, people learn the language for different purposes. Some...


Benefits That You Will Get by Learning Mandarin Chinese

There are different types of spoken Chinese other than Mandarin. These include Wu (popularly known as Shanghainese), Min, Hakka, Xiang, Yue (also known as Cantonese) etc. We will focus mainly on the Mandarin variation of Chinese here as this is being learned by most people. If you are interested,...


Guidelines for Beginners to Achieve Quick Success in Spanish

Quite often beginners find difficulty in learning Spanish and for this, they take different approaches to learning the language. Moreover, today there are different Spanish courses in Kolkata that are designed for learners of the different levels. Today, we will bring forth some guidelines which, if followed properly will...


Follow These Tips to Learn Japanese Quickly and Effectively

To many, Japanese is a difficult language to learn compared to other South East Asian languages. If you are a beginner then you might have already heard about these statements from many people. However, today we will give you some tips which will help you to learn quickly and...


Achieve proficiency in German language by following these steps

Learning any foreign language takes effort, dedication,and commitment and if you want to achieve proficiency, you will have to invest a lot of time and energy to it. Here we will primarily focus on the ways with which you can achieve the skills to read, write and speak German...


French Language; A perspective of its linkage with the Indian culture

It was 20th August 1920 an exceptional young wanderer from Bengal arrived at Paris to meet a great man personally. This venture was the part of his plan of an unprecedented exploration. He was ambitious enough to explore stalwarts of different fields all across the world. By the influence...

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