Month: April 2019


Tips To Memorize Russian Alphabets for Beginners in the Language

Russian alphabet can be scary for many beginners. Students, however, do not realize that the difficulty of the language is the same as that of any other language in the world. Learning Russian has a couple of advantages too that is the speakers can easily learn Latin as Latin...


Methods of Teaching Spanish to Children in Simple Ways

Today, we will be discussing the methods of teaching Spanish to young children. This blog is for teachers but even if you are not a teacher and do not possess much knowledge of the language, you can teach your kids the basics of Spanish. However, if you want to...


Tips To Get Over Your Anxiety in Speaking In French

Are you a beginner in French who is scared of speaking the language, or even trying to speak? You are not alone and there are plenty of learners in the intermediate levels also who feel the same. There are plenty of ways to get over this problem. Today, most...


Top 5 Foreign Languages Best for Your Career across the Globe

Learning a foreign language, or a set of foreign languages will definitely help you to start a fulfilling career. Moreover, it can set your career on track if you can master it. Currently, a lot of institutes are providing foreign language courses in Kolkata and hence, if you are...


Rules of Grammar a Beginner has to Know While Learning Russian

Grammar is the base of any language in the world and to speak, write or read it correctly, one needs to learn the rules. We will be talking about the grammatical aspects of Russian. To learn Russian language in Kolkata it is necessary that you give your full attention...


This Is How Learning Spanish Will Become Easier For You

Learning any new language can be a bit difficult at the start and Spanish is not an exception. Though Spanish is considered by many as one of the easiest languages to learn, one needs to devote a considerable amount of time and energy to be able to read, write...


French Words and Phrases Essential for Success in Business

French is a great business language and by using a set of specific words or phrases you can achieve success in business. To learn these exclusively, there are several French courses in Kolkata and you can get registered to a course in which you are comfortable. Let us take...


Ways of Communicating with Chinese People in China

Chinese is an ancient and very popular language for many people from all over the world. Today, the language is being learned by not only Asians but also Europeans and Americans along with people from other continents. You can also easily learn Chinese language by enrolling in a course...

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