3 Compelling Reasons of Studying Dutch Language: It’s More Than What You Expect

November 28, 2020

According to the report published by Taalunieversum, approximately 175 universities in 40 countries offers Dutch language learning courses and it is the third-largest Germanic language after English and German. So are these enough reasons to convince you learn Dutch?

The fact is unlike English, Spanish, French or Arabic, Dutch is one of less widely spoken languages across the world. If you are planning to visit Netherlands for a brief getaway or relocate there because you’re new job demands it, then you need to take classes in Dutch language and learn the basics. We have put together 3 compelling reasons to undertake Dutch Language Course in Kolkata.

 It’s easy to master

Although Dutch accent differs from English, and sometimes language is intimidating too, however your expertise in English language will help you learn it sooner than later. Even if you know a bit of German, it will be easy for you to learn the language. It all depends on your learning approach and how you get trained or start practicing?

As a beginner, you may make mistakes but you should not feel discouraged at any point. Remember, people only learn from their mistakes and you too should try it and not repeat it.

 It is vital for travelling, working, and studying in Netherlands and Belgium

Another wonderful reason to take classes in Dutch language, specifically if you to visit Netherlands or Belgium to stay or work or study for a prolonged time. It will enable you to interact with the natives fluently, understand what they say, and explore the real Netherlands. Even when you will walk into the local banks, grocery stores or shopping malls, you will find it easy to communicate with them.

Both Netherlands & Belgium have become attractive propositions for advanced degrees in management, IT, finance, logistics, engineering, automation & robotics, law, healthcare, hospitality and much more. Hence, knowing the language can also work to your advantage if you are looking to study at the world-class colleges and universities located in Netherlands and Belgium. A Dutch Language Course in Kolkata will surely work in your favor.

Boost your chances of getting lucrative jobs both in India & Netherlands

With the advent of globalization, it has become essential to develop a command over a foreign language like Dutch.

There are several job choices that utilize Dutch language for communication in metros and big cities where the most of multinational and transnational companies have established their offices.

The future looks bright for Dutch learners as on the one hand, several companies based in Dutch are establishing their regional offices in India. We have got top Dutch-based multinationals, consisting of Philips, Heineken, ING, ABN AMRO, Rabobank, AkzoNobel, ASML, TomTom, and Unilever, conducting their business and operating in India successfully.

Besides seeing India as a lucrative market for business and investment, Netherlands is a world leader in agriculture, water management, art & design, logistics, banking, and sustainable energy.

And on another side, several companies in India are planning to set up offices into the Dutch-speaking countries.

According to the reports published by MEA, 180 Indian companies have invested in Netherlands, and more than 115 Dutch companies have been set up in India. Presently, the Netherlands ranks 28th as India’s trading partner worldwide which is expected to blossom even more in the future.

You can opt to work as translators, customer care executives, back office, data processing, administrative support, liaison officers, tourist guides, flight attendants etc. with your fluency in the language. A  Dutch language course will give you professional guidance in complex grammatical rules, syntax, pronunciation and vocabulary of the language.

Want to become a top-notch professional by learning Dutch language? Step into IITT Language Academy for undertaking Dutch language course in Kolkata and receive expert tips and guidance.  Get access to quality study materials for brushing up your skills in the core linguistic areas. IITT also takes pleasure in providing training in French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Greek, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Czech, Afrikaans, Danish, Norwegian, Romanian, Finnish, German, Hungarian and other sought-after foreign languages.


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