3 Reasons to Learn Korean Language that Will Transform the Way You Travel

January 1, 2021

Are you planning to take a trip to Seoul and explore the real country? Well, if yes then you’ve taken the right decision. Apart from visa and passport, one more thing you need to take with you is that your knowledge in Korean language. If you want to break the barriers of language and don’t want it to come in between you and your trip, then taking classes in Korean language is the best idea.

Imagine your ability to speak more than hello and thank you can make your vacation unforgettable. By pursuing a Korean language course in Kolkata, you can make your next trip to Seoul one of the best memories to cherish.

Relish the best tourist hotspots like nobody else

From palaces to places of historical interest to cafes, Seoul has something to offer to everyone. You can only have the most amazing vista of the city or have an excellent dining experience, if you interact with the natives in Korean language.

You can only know more about these fabulous destinations and other hidden gems only if you have get in touch with locals, which means you’ll need to speak a little bit of the local language. The local guides who will accompany you in the sightseeing trips will also communicate in the local language and if you can speak a few words confidently, you can create a wonderful first impression.

 Don’t have to order at restaurants by pointing at the pictures of food

Many tourists in Korea who don’t know the local language well go to restaurants where the menu comprises pictures. But with your ability to speak the language fluently, you can get to know about the origin & ingredients of different dishes, how they are made and experiment with innovative items. There are many delicacies in Korean that you can try such as Kimchi, Chilmark , Jjajangmyeon, Samgyeopsal and others by knowing Korean language and your trip will not be restricted to burgers and pizzas only.  For best training & professional guidance in Korean language opt for a Korean language course in Kolkata.

Deal with challenges & overcome them easily

There may be several unforeseen circumstances in your next trip such as your luggage is being stolen, you or your friend becoming ill or some goons trying to ruin your trip. In such cases, you may feel terrible as a traveler or feel lost as a tourist, but knowing a bit of local language can get your problems solved and overcome all the adverse circumstances with confidence.

Imagine you have lost your way while travelling or unable to trace a particular place or road, communicating in the native language will allow you get directions from a passerby.

If you’re suffering from fever and cold, then it’s fine. You go to the medicine store, purchase some tablets by repeating some English words or giving directions with your index finger but for God’s sake if it’s an accident then things can become worst. In those circumstances, you can feel lost and communication in local language is mandatory to find the best hospital in Korea.

Ready to take the plunge? Join IITT & undertake Korean language course in Kolkata. Get expert guidance & tips & become fluent in the language within months. If success has eluded you, this time you’ll surely be lucky. The course includes extensive classes in grammar and vocabulary in Korean language which will help you delve deep into it & gain expertise. You’ll be able to hone your skills with lectures, topic notes, tips, suggestions, workshops and others.  There will be assignments, interactive activities, group discussions and test to augment your skills & knowledge for better job opportunities in the market, travel, higher studies, and relocation to foreign countries.

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