5 Awesome Career Choices for Greek Language Students

December 28, 2020

Are you worried about your future due to the job market becoming more & more competitive? Are you lagging behind others in the job market despite having brilliant academic degrees & credentials? If your answer is yes, then keep on reading the blog post.

In this era of competition, it’s tough to find a good job. To make things worse, jobs are becoming automated in companies reducing the dependence on human resources.  So, it’s needless to say that besides academic qualification, you need something more to thrive. Being a graduate with a specialization is not enough. You need to strengthen your CV by adding a new skill or diversity into it. For better job prospects & career opportunities, undertaking a Greek Language Course in Kolkata would be a smart move. You can’t imagine how learning Greek language will boost your career. We’re presenting 5 awesome career choices for Greek language learners.


Nothing can match the satisfaction of tapping your creativity and utilizing your writing skills. After learning Greek grammar & vocabulary, working as a translator is a fabulous option.

Due to intricacies of language, machine translation can never substitute human translators. For example, most of the literary masterpieces you have read are translated from the original language.

As a linguistic translator, you’ll have to convert a text material or content from English to Greek and vice-versa. Due to high salary packages, the translator job is very much in demand and hence a lucrative career option for all linguistic learners.

International sales executive

International sales executive posts are always available for those who have the ability to speak Greek language fluently. This is an exciting career choice due to the fact that global sales executives and marketing professionals often have to negotiate and deal with B2B clients which is often challenging.

With your Greek language competencies, you can become a convincing salesperson closing deals between cross-border businesses. As you know that in any marketing & sales job communication is an integral component and you can always fancy your chances when it comes to dealing with foreign clients hailing from Athens.


The media & journalism sector is full of glamour quotient and job seekers find it enticing. After completing a Greek Language Course in Kolkata, you can choose to become a foreign correspondent if you’re willing to put your writing skills into test and have the flair & exuberance to travel across the world in order to gather news and tell people what’s happening around the world.

 Human resource manager

Besides MBA, your proficiency in Greek language is going to bring another wonderful career option and that is the position of human resource manager. In big MNCs, the human resource department recruits personnel with skills in foreign languages. Your knowledge in the language will help you to communicate with the candidates effectively and select the right personnel for every designation.

With the advent of globalization & thanks to rapid outsourcing in India, there are plenty of jobs in call centers, and bpo. There is always a fabulous chance to grab.

Research analyst

Knowing a foreign language like Greek can surely provide you a competitive edge and upper hand in different kinds of jobs. As more and more multinational companies are investing in India & finding it a lucrative market to expand their business, the chances for Greek language learners to grab jobs in research analytics are increasing at an extraordinary rate. In general, you’ll need to be a graduate, MBA and powerful analytical and communication skills to be eligible for research analyst jobs.

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