5 Fabulous Career Ideas for Thai Language Learners

November 19, 2020

Are you studying Thai language for building a lucrative career? Does Thai language mesmerize you?  Well, in this era of globalization & its strong impact in job market and dynamic business environment, it is a shrewd decision to invest in foreign language learning, and if it is Thai language then it can do wonders for your career. Your deep interest in Thai language and passion of learning will surely bring in huge rewards and rich dividends.

So what are the career prospects after completing a Thai Language Course in Kolkata? How it will add significant value to your CV?  We have put together the list of 5 jobs for Thai language learners and job aspirants.


The job as a translator requires impeccable writing skills in Thai language, experience or academic background in the area you wish to translate written content or materials. In contradiction to what plenty of people might conclude, translators don’t translate everything. They’re very particular on one or multiple fields of proficiency (e.g. law, fashion, academics, tourism, technology, health and so on).

Thai language teacher

There are many ICSE & CBSE schools, colleges, and universities in India where demand of non-native Thai language trainers or tutors are high. Non-native teachers do have their place but there is a debate that they cannot communicate or explain appropriately to students. But if you can speak Thai fluently and have the ability to write or communicate with grammatical accuracy and appropriate use of vocabulary, you can easily kick off your career as a Thai language trainer or tutor at leading schools and colleges.

Customer service representative

Customer service roles in various MNCs and outsourcing firms are increasingly in need of more bilingual staff. Hence along with English, knowledge in Thai language can help you do become customer care agent. You just need to undertake Thai language course in Kolkata to get professional guidance and tips on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

 Online content creator

The whole business environment is propelled by huge requirements for foreign language experts and professionals. On top of that with the advent of globalization, knowing just the mother tongue is not sufficient.

.If you are passionate about writing or keenly interested to put your writing skills into test, then the job of full- time online content writer, proof reader or blogger might excite you. If you choose to work as freelancer, then it will enable you to move freely, work independently anywhere and concentrate on what you care about the most. It’s certainly a better option than a 9-5 office job.

 Tourism sector

According to a research conducted, more than 2, 00,000 professionals with expertise in different languages including Thai are needed for job opportunities in India. One sector which recruits large number of people knowing Thai language is the travel and tourism industry.

There are countless people who visit India from Thailand every year without the ability to speak English and even if they speak it, they do it with their accent which is difficult to understand. In such cases, knowing Thai language will help you communicate with them fluently in recreation centers, shopping malls, 3, 4, and 5-star resorts & suites with these thousands of tourists to show hospitality of the highest order. Thus, you can utilize your bilingual credentials in tourism industry and get recruited just about in any company that deals with clients and customers hailing from Thailand.

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