5 Industries to Utilize Hungarian Language Skills

March 24, 2021

Are you wondering what to do after learning the Hungarian language? Well, you don’t need to worry as the job prospects are great if you’ve strong communication skills in the language both verbally and written. Yes, that’s right, with the spread of globalization and more and more multinational giants from Hungary investing in India and other countries, the scope of jobs has increased hugely. We’ve put together 5 industries where you can grab a lucrative job after learning the Hungarian language.

 Hospitality/ tourism

Foreign languages play an integral role in the global hospitality industry including hotels, aviation, travel agencies, theme parks, event planning, etc. The value of the Hungarian language in the hospitality industry is huge which can help you establish a successful career in the future.

An amalgamation of business skills and communication skills in Hungarian will make you more valuable in the job market. Dealing with foreign customers is not an easy task but if you’ve opted for a Hungarian Language Course in Kolkata you can find it a lot easier to connect with the customers, deal with their queries and show the hospitality of the highest order. From working as a tourist guide to flight attending to ticketing and airfare staff to tourist information officer, there are a plethora of job opportunities for you to grab in the hospitality industry.

Mass Media/publishing

Writing and journalism jobs are quite popular among Hungarian language enthusiasts. From working as a linguistic translator to a foreign correspondent to content writing and editing, there are a plethora of jobs in the publishing and mass media industry. All these jobs are very much in demand thanks to the advent of digital media and technology.

In order to produce articles, blogs, and other written text materials flawlessly, you need to master Hungarian grammar and vocabulary and know how to use them precisely when constructing sentences.


Choosing to work as a Hungarian language trainer in I.C.S.E and C.B.S.E affiliated schools and colleges and foreign language institutes working as a linguistic trainer is a good option. You’ll have to impart lessons to the students in the Hungarian language and give them training on how to speak or converse in Hungarian with the right accent or pronunciation, write with appropriate use of grammar and words, introduce them to the syntax rules, and explain other aspects of vocabulary and language with precision. Opting for a Hungarian Language Course in Kolkata will get you counseling from experts which will enable you to pick the best jobs in the industry and get hired in top educational institutes.


Many aspirants and job seekers dream of careers in the enterprising aviation industry, and with good reason. Not only does a high-flying career guarantee adventure and fun, but jobs in aviation come with other advantages and perks as well, encompassing everything from flexible job timings to employment security. However, not everyone is able to make their dreams come true. If you have the ability to speak Hungarian fluently, you can stand a good chance of landing a lucrative job in this sector. You can work as a flight attendant or a ground staff or even find employment in cabin crew.


The IT industry is huge with various BPO/KPO and other outsourcing firms operating in India. It means the sector generates huge employment opportunities for job seekers. In this industry, knowledge of three to four foreign languages is an added advantage. Your ability to communicate in English and Hungarian language will garner you jobs like customer care executives and deal with customers hailing from Hungary, receive their phone calls, pitch them products and services of the company for sale, conduct surveys, provide after-sales service, technical support, answer their queries and other roles.

Which of the industries mentioned-above you would like to work for after undertaking a Hungarian Language Course in Kolkata. Send us your feedback and comments in the box given below and we will be happy to receive them.

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