5 Jobs that Require Excellent Verbal Communication Skills in Italian Language

January 6, 2021

Have you mastered Italian language and now looking to demonstrate your creativity in oral communication? Are you looking for jobs that revolve around impeccable conversational skills in Italian? If your answer is yes then continue reading this blog post as it discusses 5 jobs where you can show your flair & finesse in Italian communication.

Customer service agent

With more & more outsourcing firms investing in India & looking it an attractive proposition in the global market, there are plethora of jobs in BPOs, ITES, and call centers. There is recruitment going on throughout the year and your ability to speak Italian language can help you bag lucrative jobs as customer care executive, customer service executives, voice process associates, and survey agents.

Your job will be to communicate fluently with the clients in Italian language, pitch the products and services of the company, resolve their after-sale queries and grievances, and conduct surveys. To get started, you need to undertake an Italian Language Course in Kolkata.

International marketer & sales executive

International marketing executives are skillled professionals who have dexterity in international business strategies. These jobs require excellent knowledge in business, economics, sales strategy alongwith strong soft skills like strong communication, strategic planning, ecommerce, and management. If you’re ambitious, outgoing, go-getter and have proficiency in both Italian & English language, then you can easily opt for the position in top-notch MNCs all over the world .

Flight attendant

Besides adequate training in aviation &cabin crew, your expertise in Italian language increases your chances to become flight attendant also known as steward/stewardess or air host/air hostess. You will have to work as a member of the aircrew aboard commercial flights, many business jets and private aircraft. Main tasks include looking after the security of the passengers onboard and deploying strategies to increase their safety. To excel in this job, you require training in soft skills such as communication, personality, body language etc. Knowledge of Italian language is an added advantage & good enough to bag you a job as a flight attendant.

 Human resource officer

From Europe to U.S.A, Asia to Africa, companies from different sectors require recruiters who will be able to communicate with the potential & present employees and hire the most appropriate person for the job required.

So whether you want to work in India or abroad, media or healthcare, along with a MBA degree,  your skills & knowledge in Italian language will be good enough to make you confident & competent in the job.

Language trainer

If you’re keen on teaching Italian language & its grammar & vocabulary to the students, then you can find plenty of jobs in schools, colleges, universities, and foreign language training academies. They keep on recruiting trainers on a regular basis to guide learners on the various aspects of the language. With foreign language becoming a vital part of the curriculum, you can easily apply for the jobs.

Another lucrative option is working as a corporate language trainer where you can utilize your verbal communication skills in Italian language & impart training to the employees of the company.

Career choices and professional requirements are some of the most essential motivators that goad people to master a foreign language like Italian. Due to spread of globalization jobs for Italian language learners are on a surge and this trend is likely to continue in future. From hospitality to tourism, media to aviation, there are no dearth of jobs if you’ve successfully completed an Italian language course in Kolkata. Join IITT Language Academy & choose the best career for yourself. Get professional guidance & guaranteed job placements for a scintillating career ahead. The institute also provides basic, diploma & advanced diploma courses in Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, German, French etc.

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