5 Lucrative Career Options for Italian Language Learners

December 12, 2020

Do you know that your ability to speak in Italian language fluently can set you apart in your job search and can prove to be vastly beneficial in a range of career fields and professions? So how to utilize your communication skills in the language and get a well-paid job? What are the job choices to consider? To make your task easier, we’ll take a look at some of the fabulous jobs that become available after becoming proficient in Italian language.

Teacher, Private Tutor or Online Tutor

If you have a flair for teaching, then becoming an Italian language tutor is a good option.  Nothing is more fulfilling than training & mentoring learners & delivering those lessons in Italian pronunciation, grammar & vocabulary. Irrespective of the school or training institute you join, you will need to undertake an Italian Language Course in Kolkata. It will be your passport to success & achieve professional goals.

If you don’t want to join a school or college or training institute for teaching, you can provide lessons like a private tutor. A private tutor is similar to a classroom teacher, but she /he often trains a student individual in face to face sessions. You can also work as an online tutor and embark on a fruitful journey of guiding & training students in a virtual classroom.


The KPO & BPO industry is growing by leaps and bounds which has increased the demand of Italian speakers. In the ITES, call centers & outsourcing firms, your fluency in Italian can give you a competitive edge over monologists.

Due to a dearth of Italian language speakers in India, organizations working in outsourcing sectors are always looking to recruit Italian language speakers. Your expertise in the language can get you jobs as customer care representatives and voice process agents or associates where you have to deal with Italian clients over phone and pitch products or solve their queries and grievances.


Translation is the method of converting a piece of text to be clearly understood by a target audience by breaking the language barrier. The job revolves around translating Italian language into English and vice-versa. You’ll need to have a sound command over grammar & vocabulary of the language with impeccable writing skills in order to become a translator. You can pick your preferred genre in this field with literary, medical, and legal translators being the major choices. Opting for an Italian language course in Kolkata will give you the license to become a certified translator

Travel Blogger

The best way to tap your creativity in Italian writing skills is working as a travel blogger. You need to be a globetrotter and an absolute adventurer to get on with this job. Besides writing blogs on popular tourist destinations in Italian language, you will get the opportunity to write reviews about products (books, programs, websites, software) etc.

Tour Guide

A tour guide often annihilates the barrier of language and brides cultural gap for travelers to explain them about major tourist hotpots and locales. A world that is converted into a global village by modern transportation and technology, and where people have become globetrotters, the guide who speaks the language of the tourists will be the most in demand.  Being a tourist guide, you’ll have to plan tour itineraries of Italian visitors, accompany them in their sightseeing trips by foot or vehicle and others.

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