5 Mistakes That You Must Avoid While Learning German Language: A Guide For Beginners

September 15, 2020

When you start doing conversation in German language for the first time, you are bound to make mistakes. But it’s important that you don’t get discouraged and stay focused. Mistakes are common when you start learning a second language but you should never let those mistakes hold you back. Always remember you’ll attain perfection one day and that is not far behind. In order to achieve perfection, you need to avoid these mistakes.

Continue speaking in English

You want to master the skills of speaking in German? Great! To do that you have to actually start speaking German. It’s a pretty obvious solution! But many learners simply don’t do that. They do everything correct like joining up for German classes in Kolkata, spend hours in reading German content, or go online to find best apps & digital video & audio files to learn new words and phrases. However, they don’t speak in German or soak themselves in the language.

To accelerate your learning process and gaining proficiency in the core areas of the language including speaking, reading, listening, and writing you’ve to think German all the time and not any other language, watching German movies or preparing a German dish can keep only German language in mind.

Following wrong tools to learn at home

Despite taking up German classes in Kolkata, you need to practice at home. But in an attempt to do that many learners end up using the wrong tools of study. For instance, if studying textbooks does not interest you or fail to motivate you then it’s probably not going to do you any favors with your creative prowess. You’ll need to come up with alternative tools & techniques to review grammar rules and master vocabulary. Try to make your learning fun and not monotonous.

Mispronouncing words by getting confused between English & German

There are many words in German vocabulary that sounds slang or abusive in English language. For example, fahrt or du bist dick. Sometimes learners find double meaning of the words and mispronounce them. They simply jump to conclusions if they listen to a throwaway comment that they don’t understand entirely. This is a mistake you need to avoid while learning to speak the language.

Excessive usage of the future tense

While practicing, most German speakers either don’t actually use a future tense at all or use it too much in a sentence. This is a big mistake as it sounds odd and makes it complicated to understand the language. Taking up classes in German will help you to work on your grammar, vocabulary, diction, and pronunciation. You’ll get expert guidance and online support from the best faculties to hone your skills.

Incorrectly pronounce the vowel length

As a speaker, if you pronounce the vowel length wrongly you can alter the entire meaning of the word. For example, when you pronounce the vowel in Brot as a short o instead of stretching it, the sound will appear to be very foreign to any native speaker. Go with the rule of thumb: If the vowel sits before two consonants, it is pronounced short. However, it won’t come easily. You’ll need extensive practice on a regular basis. However, you can do it quickly by speaking with a native speaker who knows the language well.

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