5 Myths that Need to be Busted when Learning Japanese Language

May 4, 2021

Language is everywhere. It is connecting the world. It simply means communication and conversation without which you cannot express your inner thoughts, ideas, and feelings. With globalization spreading its wings in a big way, other European languages apart from English have come to the forefront.

If you are inclined towards learning the Japanese language, then it is one of the smartest moves you’ve taken. While learning, we come across several myths that stand as obstruction or impediment. In this blog, let’s debunk 5 such myths when learning the Japanese language.

Myth#1 It needs special talent or skill to master the Japanese language

When people can communicate in multiple languages, it’s not running in their hereditary, it’s because of infinite hours of practicing things deliberately & in the right way. From reading books & articles in the Japanese language every day to getting engaged in Japanese conversation to opting for a Japanese Language Course in Kolkata, there are many things that can help you master the language.

Myth#2 Children learn the language better than adults

Everyone seems to take it for granted that children are the ultimate language learners, but this is nothing but another great misconception. However, one thing that works in their favor is that children spend a lot of time making mistakes and saying the wrong things which accelerate their learning process.  On the other hand, if you are an adult, making mistakes is a great embarrassment that acts as a great hindrance or obstacle to progress. Experts say if adults can surmount their fear of doing bad, they can beat out kids with intelligence, discipline, and consistency and achieve a lot more than them.

 Myth# 3 Fluency in speaking & writing the Japanese language can be achieved simultaneously

Imagine switching back and forth between cooking dinner and filing your tax files. Do that, and you’ll probably burn your food and spill sauce on your 1040A form.

It’s possible to be fluent in the Japanese language conversationally without knowing how to read (e.g. blind people), and it’s possible to read and write in a language without knowing how to speak it (e.g. deaf people).

Myth# 4 Studying grammar is mandatory

Starting with grammar classes may not augur well for you if you’re a beginner. It is because when you learn grammar in the Japanese language, you may feel too urgent and a sense of perfectionism might act.

Perfectionism is an obstacle to progress because rather than emphasizing rectification, the actual focus should be on connection. Can you comprehend what the native speaker is saying? Can you convey your thoughts clearly?

Myth#5 Books & apps are the best resources for learning

Surely, books and apps might help you improve your stock of words in Japanese or troubleshoot concepts. But have you ever thought about how practicing daily conversation with real people can work wonders for your fluency in communication? Even going for a Japanese Language Course in Kolkata can serve your purpose and help you gain proficiency in the language.

Which of the above myths you feel can slow down your Japanese language learning progress? Feel free to share us your comments & feedback in the box given below and we will be more than happy to receive them.

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