5 Smart and Lucrative Jobs for People Who Know Portuguese Language

October 16, 2020

If you are a budding multilingual or perhaps taking classes on Portuguese language, your next target would be to find jobs that help you utilize your communication skills and prowess. The job prospects are good if you have proficiency in Portuguese and it can open up new career avenues and possibilities.

After pursuing a Portuguese language course in Kolkata the job options are endless. Your expertise in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and written skills in Portuguese will give you competitive edge. Let’s explore 5 smart and profitable job options for you if you have sound command over the language.

Customer care executive or voice process agent/ associate

international BPOs and call centers dealing with Portuguese clients recruit customer care executive and voice process associates or agent in bulk. You can apply for the job if you have excellent verbal communication skills in Portuguese or have the ability to speak it fluently.

Your roles and responsibilities in the job would include taking calls of Portuguese clients in a professional manner and give them information about company’s products and services, respond to enquires, process orders and information, cancel orders if required, resolve their grievances, and store records of transactions and  comments.

  • Tourist Guide

The best way to utilize your Portuguese speaking skills is working as a tourist guide and make vacations meaningful for tourists hailing from Portugal.  You will plan the itinerary of a vacation, explain all the major locales of visit in India to them and accompany them during their sightseeing trips.

You will also bridge the cultural gap and break the barrier of language in order to interact with the Portuguese travelers. With countless travelers from Portugal visiting India every year, the job of a tourist guide is a lucrative one and can fetch several perks and facilities. If you are interested in dealing with Portuguese travelers as a tourist guide, opt for a Portuguese language course in India and get the opportunity to work in various reputed travel agencies and tour operators.

  • Liaison Officer

If you choose to work as a liaison officer, you will coordinate various activities of two companies and bridge the communication gap between the entities. You will need sound communication skills to work in companies that operate on a global scale and work on big projects. Apart from that, you also need to be dynamic and enterprising while dealing with clients from Portugal.

  • Product Localization manager

If you have the ability to speak Portuguese, you can work as a product localization manager and you would undertake product research and development, labeling and marketing.

You will be assigned with other responsibilities such as “managing linguistic, technical and visual quality,” assessing job needs for intricate content types (software, web), overseeing budgets and risk, conflict resolution, reporting to upper management and clients, training, and optimum allocation of company’s resources.

  • Book writer

Proficiency in Portuguese language will help you to excel in the role of book writer. It is a nice way to start exploring your writing skills in Portuguese.    You can write books on different genres from children’s literature to fiction to crime to adventure, the choices are many.

  • Online trainer

Working as an online tutor or trainer is a pleasurable experience for many. It is due to the flexibility it offers and has the ability to reach wider market. You will have the autonomy to schedule your classes, promote your skills, interact with the students, organize classes on the site itself and give the learners access to quality study materials and resources.

You will be able to present personalized Portuguese language lessons to the students and teach them the pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary at basic and advanced level. It is genuinely a cool and smart job option for multilingual because the popularity of e-learning is on a surge and the number of online learners worldwide has increased at an unprecedented rate in the recent years.

Which of the job options would you like to take up after learning Portuguese language? Send us your valuable feedback and comments in the box given below.

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