5 Tried & Tested Steps to Learn Afrikaans Language Quickly & Effectively

December 30, 2020

Are you feeling excited to learn Afrikaans language? Does the prospect of learning Afrikaans language making you feel on the top of the world? Well, it’s always amazing to learn a new language for travel, personal pleasure, education & jobs. The whole experience is similar to never-ending adventure or fun-filled excursion. We’ve put together 5 proven strategies that will surely help you master Afrikaans language quickly & effectively.

 Start with the basics

If you’ve no exposure in Afrikaans language or completely a novice, then begin with the fundamentals. Get motivated by starting with common words & phrases used in Afrikaans vocabulary and get acquainted with the simple syntax rules for speaking and constructing sentences successfully while writing.

 Select your learning mode & content

It’s vital for you to choose a learning method that suits you and keeps you motivated throughout your learning time. For this, you need to understand what kind of learner you’re or which style of learning you can get adapted to for retaining information. Is it auditory, visual, reading/ writing or kinesthetic?

Visual learners are those who learn best by seeing videos, graphs, charts, movies and photos. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable with auditory learning then listening to podcasts will enhance your skills & knowledge in Afrikaans language.

Choosing the right content for study will determine your progress & success in Afrikaans language. You must get your hands into something that interests and engages you. For professional guidance and best study materials, opt for an Afrikaans language course in Kolkata.

Set your learning objectives & deadlines

It’s important to set targets that are practical, realistic, and achievable. It’s useless to be too ambitious as a beginner. Experts opine that goals are vital to success. Setting and monitoring goals help you learn skills such as planning, organization, time management, communication skills, self-awareness, and confidence. However, one thing you’ve got to keep in your mind and that is how much you can commit in learning or devote your time on a regular basis?

Online or offline?

Are you tech-savvy & want to study from home? Does e-learning excite you? Then you must go for online mode of learning and use the internet effectively to stimulate your learning in Afrikaans language. In such cases, you can leverage various website content, blogs, and articles.

If you’re fond of studying offline, there are textbooks & magazines that can help you start from scratch and build skills in the core areas of the language. Take help of a dictionary to write down different words and their meaning in your notebook. Translate various English words in Afrikaans language and vice-versa which will surely help you progress.  If you want to get trained & guided by experts, go for an Afrikaans Language Course in Kolkata at a reputed foreign language institute such as IITT Language Academy. It boasts best trainers to guide you & make you competent & confident within a few months.

Create daily routines

The secret of success while studying Afrikaans language lies in allocating & scheduling your time amidst your personal & work commitments. Initially, you’ve to make yourself available everyday even it is for 15-20 minutes.  Use Google Apps to fix your time every day & get started with confidence.

For gaining proficiency, get completely immersed in learning. Watch movies, read newspapers, and listen to podcasts in Afrikaans language.

Join IITT Language Academy for pursuing an Afrikaans Language Course in Kolkata. Become fluent in the language within a few months with practical classes and lectures in grammar and vocabulary. Avail best instructional materials & content to accelerate your learning pace and gain momentum. The leading institute certified by ISO also offers basic, diploma, and advanced diploma in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Swedish and other popular foreign languages.


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