5 Unexpected Advantages of Learning Portuguese Language

March 4, 2021

When it comes to learning foreign languages French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian come on the top of our list because they steal the limelight. Not many people think about taking classes in the Portuguese language. It isn’t the first pick for most people. Many have heard of the language, but not everyone knows how rich the language is or how popular or widely spoken it is.

If you’re planning to learn it, then there’re plenty of reasons to get spurred and motivated. Let’s explore the unexpected advantages of learning the Portuguese language in this blog post.

It’s easy to master

You’ll be delighted to know that the Portuguese language is similar to the English language, so if you know the latter you can master the former easily. It is because of the fact that both Portuguese and English are influenced by Latin. As a result, you’ll find plenty of words in the Portuguese language that are awfully similar to the English language which will make it easy for you to gain expertise in it. Apart from English, other romantic languages, like Spanish, French, and Italian, have a lot of words that are similar to Portuguese. Since these languages are sourced similarly, you’ll observe many similarities in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Hence, undertake a Portuguese Language Course in Kolkata to become familiar with the words and alphabets.

It’s widely spoken all over the world

If you’re thinking the Portuguese language is spoken only in Portugal, then think again. Portuguese goes far away and transcends outside these two countries. There are speakers of the language in Brazil and many African countries where it is treated as an official language. It includes Angola, Cape Verde, and Mozambique. The language also has speakers in western China called Macau.

There are plenty of resources to learn it

As a learner or student of the Portuguese language, you can take advantage of the ample amount of courses, tools, and resources to acquire expertise in it. This is probably due to the rising popularity of the language as well as the advent of the internet and wireless technologies. From opting for an online Portuguese Language Course in Kolkata to self-study both the methods will work for you if you’ve patience and show commitment and grit. However, a Portuguese language program will work better for you if you’re looking to gain fluency quickly and get meticulous guidance in the fundamental areas of the language including speaking, listening, writing, and reading. You’ll surely benefit from the PDF study materials and online tips and tutorials. Plus, it will make you certified and strengthen your resume.

Gateway to a rich culture

By learning Portuguese, you’ll come to know more about the exotic Mediterranean and other cultures that have had a big impact on it and get fascinated by its uniqueness and intriguing nature. You’ll be surprised to know, Portugal’s culture is an outcome of diverse cultural interminglings such as Roman, Germanic, Moorish, Viking, and others. This unique amalgamation or blend has added to the richness of Portuguese food, outstanding architecture, and artistic heritage.

Opens up various job opportunities

If you’re a career aspirant or job seeker, then learning Portuguese is certainly an advantage that is second to none. You will have a wide range of options to select from and give your career a boost. The language is highly sought-after in the corporate world where a special skill always gets recognized and valued. You can get plenty of jobs in the publishing, media, aviation, and tourism industry which are huge and booming. After becoming certified, you can easily apply for these jobs.

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