7 Exciting Ways to Utilize Finnish Language Skills in Diverse Industries

August 10, 2021

If you thought English is the only language that can help you bag lucrative jobs overseas, then you’re wrong. If you thought that speaking English fluently can open gates to secured jobs in top multinationals, then think again.

A new study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit demonstrated that misunderstandings and “messages lost in translation” have obstructed major global business deals for companies. This means the inability to convey the ideas precisely in the native language has harmed their business & prevented them from garnering prestigious & lucrative deals.

In such cases, becoming multilingual is the only solution. While you may think what’s the point of learning a lesser-known Scandinavian language like Finnish? Well, perhaps you’re not the only one, many would underestimate the language & undermine its value. But the truth is that Finnish language speakers & experts have gained a lot by learning the language especially in terms of their career. Those who’ve undertaken a Finnish Language Course in Kolkata know how beneficial it is to learn it. Let’s explore 7 exciting ways to utilize Finnish language speaking & writing skills in the corporate sector.

Aviation & hospitality

It’s no secret that the aviation & hospitality sectors are the fastest growing & booming ones. If you’re aiming to work in multinational giants & global conglomerates overseas, you should tap every opportunity that comes your way through communication in Finnish. Learning Finish language can pave the way for a scintillating career in the aviation & hospitality industry as a flight attendant, airfare & ticketing staff, cabin crew specialists, air hostess, tourist guide, visitor information officer, etc.


Even in the medical field, translation and interpretation are of immense value. Knowledge of the Finnish language is essential for translating medical instructions, drug dosage, and doctor’s prescriptions written in English or vice-versa

 Customer service

Good communication & public speaking skills in Finnish are essential for providing exemplary customer services. The messages must be conveyed precisely by acquiring knowledge of the goods & services. Good convincing skills and the expertise to use positive language is the secret to success.

But there’s also one thing that should never be underestimated or omitted: the material of your speech that builds positive brand value & assures customer satisfaction. Finnish language is highly sought-after in the corporate sector & pursuing a Finnish Language Course in Kolkata will give aspirants an edge over others & stay ahead in the job market.


Working as a Finish language trainer in top colleges, universities, & training institutes is a lucrative option.  Here you have given students training regarding various facets of the language, grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation.

Mass media

There are plenty of Finnish broadcasting channels & publishing companies that recruit reporters, journalists & editors to bring up stories from all over the world and cover events in sports, politics, entertainment, and others. If your flair & knack lies in writing the Finnish language then these jobs are just ideal for you!!

Retail & e-commerce

With lots of retail and e-commerce businesses in the world today, the competition is cut-throat. In order to stand out in the market, many companies are looking to localize their material published on the websites to reach and promote their products & services to as many customers as possible. It’s because the internet is the best platform to boost sales & brand value online.

In fact, research has demonstrated that translation in the native language plays an important role in the corporate world because 75% of the respondents like to purchase products when content is published in their local language. In addition, 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites. They only buy when they understand the information and find the products or services useful. Thus content written in the Finnish language can help companies boost their business. For this, they need content writers & editors proficient in the language with accurate use of grammar & vocabulary.

Marketing & research

Putting forward the message of your company/organization in the international marketplace isn’t as simple as it appears. It incorporates many intricate elements like advertisement, public relations announcements,s or marketing campaigns. You need to be crisp & precise with your message & knowing the Finnish language can help you do that. From speaking fluently to possessing sound writing skills, all of them can work wonders in formulating marketing & advertisement strategies.

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