7 Lucrative Job Options That Comes With German Classes in Kolkata: Explore Them Now!!

August 25, 2020

Are you struggling to find the right career for you? Do you want to get into a creative field and tap your potential? Well, we are living in a competitive era where finding good jobs has become an intimidating task. Learners are undertaking various professional programs to upgrade their skills and adding to their resume.

After completing your bachelor’s degree in a creative subject, pursuing German classes in Kolkata will give you the opportunity to give a fresh lease of life to your career and find plenty of creative jobs. We’ve put together 7 job options for you to consider:


Becoming a certified expert in German language can open the door to work as a trainer or instructor. There are many schools, colleges, and universities which need expert trainers having the perfect German reading, writing, and speaking skills. There are also many foreign language institutes that look for corporate trainers adept in German language.

Tour guide

The tourism industry in India is always flourishing and looks to hire expert tour guides. Every year plenty of tourists hailing from Germany and other European countries visit India for thrilling adventures and getaways. If you choose to work as a tour guide, you’ve to speak German language fluently and explain the major tourist attractions of India to the tourists in German.

Hence if you love outdoor adventures and trips, then the job of a tour guide is perfect for you. The good thing about this job is that it will give you the opportunity to explore new destinations and know how people view the world from another point of view.  Start preparing for working as a guide from today by enrolling for German classes in Kolkata at a premium foreign language academy.

Guest relations executive

The hospitality industry in India is vast and encompasses aviation, hotel, event management companies and tourism sector. All of them look to hire dynamic and enterprising guest’s relations executives. By speaking German language fluently, you can communicate with the guests who come from Germany. You can customize their requirements and show hospitality of the highest order when they come in India for business or academic purposes.


A career in journalism is exciting and high on glamour quotient. People with sound language skills can thrive in this profession. By mastering German language, you can work in India as a foreign correspondent for a TV broadcasting company located in Austria.


Working as a translator is prestigious and can give you the creative satisfaction. Indian government organizations, MNCs, and NGOs require proficient translators to change and translate a source language into a lucid and accurate target language. Companies offer translators attractive remuneration packages, hence you should send your resume now.

Research analyst

German language is popular for conducting global scientific research.  Since science and technology propels modern human economy, working as a research analyst will turn out to be extremely lucrative as far as your career is concerned.

If your forte lies in impeccable speaking and reading of German language, you can start working as an assistant analyst in research facilities owned and operated by the government or private bodies in India, Germany, or such other German-speaking countries.

Public relations officer

A public relation officer is responsible for maintaining a brand image of a company and communicating with the esteemed clients and stakeholders. She/he works as a representative on behalf of the company she/he is working for. There are various public relations agencies and MNCs who hire adept individuals with expertise over German language.

Which of the above career options you’re going to opt for after taking German classes in Kolkata? Have you found your dream job? Share your feedback and comments to us in the box given below.



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