7 Similarities between German & English Language: Everything Learners Should Know

November 2, 2020

No one can deny the face that English and German are two popularly spoken languages. While the former is a global language the later comes only second to English with more than 100 million speakers across the continents. If you are looking to learn German, then it is the right time to do so because of globalization and its high demand in the competitive job market. However, you may think it is a daunting task, but actually it is not. If you have proficiency in English language, then you should not have any problem learning German and developing command over it. But the process will be gradual if you are a beginner. We have put together 7 similarities between English and German language just for you.

Both the languages have common alphabets

One of the most prominent ways German and English are similar to each other is the fact that both languages utilize the same 26 letters which form the Latin alphabet. This is an added advantage for English speakers as they can start writing in German effortlessly and without working too hard. A German language course in Kolkata will help you to find out more about the alphabets of the two languages and how they are similar.

Many German words find application in English language

There are several English words which have been sourced from German language which makes it easy for the learners. Some of the English words that have been borrowed from German includes kindergarten, angst, iceberg, Doppelganger, uber, beer, garden and much more.

Several German words has their origin in English

It’s not only about German words used in English language, there are many English words too that are used in German. Words like technology, fashion, computer, designer, music, album, image, advertising, and laser have been sourced from English language.

There are range of words which have same sound

For instance, the Germanic version of the word ‘house’ is ‘Haus’, the Germanic version of the word ‘university’ is ‘Universidad’ and the Germanic version of the  word ‘camera’ is ‘Kamera. Even the German sentence “Ich trinke Wasser” means “I drink water,”. Hence it will be fair to conclude that the similarities in word sound between the two languages are endless

Both the languages have same rules in grammar

If you are a novice, then you will find it an easy task to master German grammar rules because there are many similarities with the English grammar rules. The tenses and verbs of the two languages are same. If you want to know precisely about the similarities in grammar between both the languages, then you should go for a German language course in Kolkata.

They are both popular worldwide

Both English and German languages have huge following and appreciated by people worldwide. They are sought-after across the globe. English is an international language and proficiency in it is an epitome of literacy, polishness, sophistication, and aristocracy.

But, the German language is still flourishing and is the single most widely spoken language in the European Union. It has already achieved official status in European countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and others.

Both the languages can generate lucrative employment opportunities

As a learner, you would be delighted to know that a mastery over English and German language can boost your career and bring in exciting employment opportunities both in India and overseas. Both the languages are widely used in diverse industries such as IT, KPO/BPO. Education, tourism, aviation, law, engineering, healthcare, media, etc.

You can utilize your oral and written communication skills in the languages and work as translators, teachers, public relation officers, flight attendants, tourist guides, content writers, journalists/ proof readers etc.

At IITT Language Academy, we provide regular, distance and online German language course in Kolkata to help students understand the similarities between the two languages more elaborately. You will also be able to hone your skills in grammar and vocabulary of German language at the hands of experts and thrive in the booming job market.

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