7 Things to Avoid When Learning Spanish Language

March 1, 2021

Have you decided to master the Spanish language but wondering what are the recipes of success? Well, in our journey of learning you’ll get many tips from others about what you can do to improve your chances to succeed and how to take everything step by step. However, very few people will tell what things you shouldn’t do or perhaps avoid learning the Spanish language. In this blog post, we shall discuss exactly that.

Don’t use one textbook

Most learners stick to one textbook to get introduced to new words and practice syntax rules in the Spanish language. But it is stupid to rely on one textbook for learning Spanish. You can choose from several options categorized in different levels comprising vocabulary and grammar explanations and exercises which will help you to proceed systematically and in an organized way. It will also be a good decision to learn content available in YouTube videos, films, podcasts, and TV shows in that language and get completely immersed.  Opt for a Spanish Language Course in Kolkata, to get professional guidance and tips to develop a strong command of the language. You will surely benefit from the course as it includes quality learning materials, best coaching, and tips in various aspects of the language.


Don’t rely on outdated learning methods

Gone are the days when we used -translation methods and boring memorization of words and rules to gain proficiency in a language. These have become redundant and highly ineffective methods of learning. Rather you must work on learning in context by means of interaction with other people which will help you gain fluency in the Spanish language along with grammatical accuracy and appropriate usage of vocabulary.

Don’t neglect any of the basic areas of the language

If conversational fluency is at the top of your priority, then chances are you may put less emphasis on reading and writing but never underrate the general benefit that those skills will have on each other. Emphasizing on one skill is the wrong approach and you should focus on all the core areas of the language including reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Go for a Spanish Language Course in Kolkata if you’re looking to get quality study materials and expert assistance in the Spanish language.

Don’t be obsessed with grammar

It’s true that grammar forms the base of any language and mastering the rules is ideal for conversation and sentence construction. But many times it has been seen learners putting too much emphasis or getting obsessed with grammar. Rather concentrate on dialogues and actively applying general language patterns and keep the grammar for learning later on.


Don’t go above your level

If you’re a beginner, then start with the elementary learning modules in the Spanish language and forget the advanced ones. Once you’ve completed the basic coursebook material and start to use other resources, don’t overload or submerge yourself with advanced level content in Spanish that might go well over your head.

Don’t depend too much on technology

Learning the Spanish language through apps and software has become a norm because all the study materials are available online with just one click of the mouse.  But it will be silly on your behalf to always spend time in front of the monitor. Do your brain and eyes a favor and spend some good time away from the screen.

 Don’t get bogged down by silly expectations

Don’t lose motivation when you see another guy or girl speaking Spanish incredibly well. You must realize that they’ve gained expertise by learning for several years and worked really hard to reach where they are now. Be positive and optimistic and have confidence in your abilities.

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