7 Ways the Internet has Transformed Finnish Language Learning

February 16, 2021

It’s no secret that the internet has emerged as a popular medium of learning for tech-savvy students both in self-study mode as well as in the form of courses. Also known as e-learning, it has transformed the way we used to study normally in the classroom or private tuitions. The advent of the internet has made things look easy & now you can learn & evolve in a much comprehensive way through it.

If you’re looking to learn the Finnish language for a trip to Helsinki or perhaps relocating there for a job, it is not very simple to find an instructor for it because it is less popular than French or Spanish, or more particularly when you live in small towns. But the internet has eased everything by presenting online courses. An online Finnish Language Course in Kolkata is different & has several exciting aspects to it. Let’s explore 7 of them briefly.

Digitization of lectures

To engage in e-learning, all you need is a laptop or tablet, or smartphone connected to an internet connection, a few Finnish language apps or software, a camera, and headphones, which generally most people have these days. Then, you can get started and get access to live streaming or recorded video lectures online.

Rich multimedia study materials

You’ll find a plethora of dictionaries, ebooks, & guides if you opt for self-study. If you undertake a course on Finnish language, lessons will be delivered through PDF files, presentations, online tutorials, videos, audios, one-to-one interaction with the trainers, chatbots, grammar tasks, translation features, auto-correction, and many more choices.

 Multiple modes of learning

Debunk the myth that learning a language revolves around reading and taking down notes. The internet has changed the way you learn & presented a huge range of innovative learning methods. The Internet has presented the opportunity to video chat with native speakers for free. Dictionaries have audio in-built to make sure you learn proper pronunciation. Netflix viewers can easily add subtitles to their favorite films.

Automatic rectifications of errors

Automatic correction is drastically accelerating up the learning process. When writing a text or content, auto-correct features instantly rectify both errors in spelling and sentences with foreign words. Style checkers can aid in accomplish fluency far faster as well. However, if you’re interested in taking classes face-to-face or attending instructor-led classes for better guidance opt for a Finnish language course in Kolkata.


Flexible virtual courses

You’ll find a plethora of courses in the Finnish language online that will enable you to study at your own pace, give freedom to schedule your classes as per your convenience, and get guided by trainers via chat & video conferencing platforms in a virtual setup. These online courses are designed for busy professionals & working individuals with hectic daily schedules.

Personalized learning experience

As a language enthusiast, you can endlessly personalize your learning process. If you want to learn with the help of videos, you can study by means of YouTube or online courses. If you want to utilize audio, you can opt for story lessons, podcasts, audiobooks, and language courses. Whereas Skype is the best platform to practice speaking.

 Learn through games

Since time immemorial, video games were thought to be hampering studies, have been viewed as an enemy of education & believed to bring in a loss of concentration levels in learners.

However, this scenario has changed in recent years, however, video games are playing an integral part in learning foreign languages, especially for young students. Thus, you can study by playing and make the whole experience stimulating.

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