9 Amazing Skills you can Acquire after Learning Indonesian Language

February 25, 2021

Besides fluency in communication, you can enjoy several benefits by learning the Indonesian language. You may wonder or become surprised by some of the competencies or skills you’ve been developing without even realizing it.  In this blog post, we shall discuss 9 of them.

Better listening

Listening isn’t just for language learning. Possessing sound listening skills is integral irrespective of what language you’re speaking, and can aid you to speak more confidently and effectively while having conversations with other people in the society or workplace. Going for an Indonesian Language Course in Kolkata is a smart move if you’re looking to get professional guidance and training.

Better mathematical prowess

If you’re weak in Mathematics, then learning Indonesian as a second language can do wonders for you. From computing to solving intricate equations, you can do everything with precision after taking classes on it.

Boosts creativity

Often, your ability to communicate in the Indonesian language is as much an art as it is a science. When you cannot throw in the right word or phrase you often have to utilize your creativity to convey your inner feelings or what you wish to say using alternate methods. You’ll be able to think outside the box and boost your creative prowess after learning the Indonesian language.

Paves way for problem-solving abilities

As per one research, Indonesian language learners exhibit higher intellectual ability and adaptability, better problem solving, and higher-order thinking skills. Hence, the more you practice finding solutions to language problems, the more you’ll thrive in solving other problems in your life.

Become sociable and gregarious

Breaking the shackles and becoming an extrovert is not easy. If you aren’t comfortable meeting people or not outgoing in nature, then after learning the language you can easily become more sociable.

The whole experience of meeting language conversation partners is similar to meeting anyone. Your ability to become extrovert and amicable is directly interchangeable to other fields of your life.

Improves multi-tasking skills

Multi-tasking is full of stress if you are not used to it or perhaps not skillful enough to do it. However research demonstrates, if you’re bilingual and know the Indonesian language apart from English you can easily become adept at multitasking naturally and without putting too much stress or pressure on your brain. Therefore, enroll in an Indonesian Language Course in Kolkata now!!

Enhances decision-making

If you’re always in two minds or lack clarity of vision, then after learning the Indonesian language it will be things of the past. According to research, decision-making turns out to be a smooth process for bilingual people. It is their ability to execute thorough practice that makes them confident in making decisions.

Boosts academic performance

After becoming multilingual, you’ll be better equipped to raise the bar in different subjects of learning. It is because of the higher cognitive skills and intellectual abilities, studies demonstrate that Indonesian language learners score high marks in mathematics and reading comprehension, and vocabulary in comparison to monolingual students.

Make better career choices

Possessing knowledge or undertaking a professional course is not adequate. You’ve to choose the right career where you can utilize your skills, competencies, aptitude, and flair in the best possible way. And you’ll be able to do exactly that after learning the Indonesian language.

According to a survey, 89% of our clients opined that bilingual staff and personnel increase value to the workforce, and 88% opined that hiring team members endowed with Indonesian language skills is crucial to their company they’re running. Thus, learning the Indonesian language gives job seekers a competitive advantage in today’s world.

IITT Language Academy is delighted to present basic, diploma, and an advanced diploma in the Indonesian Language Course in Kolkata. Become fluent in the language and reap benefits from the skills that you’ll develop after learning it.

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