A Glimpse of the German Culture through the Language

March 29, 2019

The German culture is rich and learning the official language of Germany will enable you to further explore the country as well as the people. Situated in Europe and surrounded by Belgium, Denmark, Poland, France, Switzerland and Luxembourg, Germany has a population of around 80 million. Almost 90% of the population speak the German language. Some other languages other than German are also being spoken such as Serbian, Frisian,etc. A German language course in Kolkata will provide you with a brief history and statistical data of the country.

Since Germany is close to Denmark, Danish is spoken in the border area of the country.You can also note some other immigrant languages such as Turkish and Kurdish and a bit of Romani.

If you are a gourmet,or into culinary studies and want to learn more about the food of Germany, it is important for you to learn the language of the country from a German training institute.The country is renowned for the traditional European dishes and takes pride in the ways in which they are made. Apart from the food, the public buildings, facilities,and amenities maintain cleanliness and hygiene. This rule is followed in all German homes as well.

The day to day work schedules in Germany is very structured. Germans maintain an equilibrium between their work and personal lives. If you want to work in the country then your work will mostly start early.The work pressure, however, decreases in the afternoon when you can pursue non-work related interests. The same applies to a student taking a German course in the country. Basically, this system of organized timing applies everywhere.

Due to the clear divide between professional and home life in Germany, all the sectors viz. business, health, educational, technology,and other sectors have a robust infrastructure. Due to globalization, the country has opened its doors for employing people of countries as well but they must be proficient in German. In the workplace, greetings are generally more formal with a firm handshake in the traditional way. However, new coworkers are addressed with their title until advised to greet in the traditional style.

Religion and symbolism are two areas which need to be discussed. Taking up a German language course in Kolkata will allow you to study both of these topics comprehensively. About 60 to 70 percent of people in Germany recognize themselves as Christians. A minority of Muslims are also present comprising a percentage of around 4%. On the other hand, around 30% of the population do not identify themselves as having any religion.

Coming to literature, you will be directly able to study the works of German authors by learning the language from a German training institute. The marvelous works of Bertolt Brecht, Rainer Maria Rilke, Holderlin,and many other poets and dramatists can be best experienced when it is been read in German.

Publishing in Germany also plays an important part as a large number of books and articles are published in this country.

Lastly, we will focus on the language and the abilities that a trainer must possess in order to teach it with finesse.

  1. Well Organized in Training

A trainer has to be organized while providing lessons in the classroom. The tutor needs to customize lessons and make it easy for students to learn and understand.He should be flexible and concentrate on making his students succeed.

  1. Experience of Teaching

The trainers who are teaching you the language must be experienced in teaching beginners as well as advanced students. They must have a good grasp of the grammar and vocabulary of the language.

  1. Provide Helpful Suggestions and Feedback

Feedback and suggestions of the trainer help the students to improve. The trainers must identify the areas of her students that require improvement and guide them accordingly.

If you take up a German course from a foreign language institute, you will be able to get insights into the language as well as the culture. There are many comprehensive programs and you should select the one that covers everything.

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