Achieve proficiency in German language by following these steps

January 15, 2019

Learning any foreign language takes effort, dedication,and commitment and if you want to achieve proficiency, you will have to invest a lot of time and energy to it. Here we will primarily focus on the ways with which you can achieve the skills to read, write and speak German with expertise.

The first step to learning a foreign language is to take up training. If you are from Kolkata, you can simply register yourself to a German language course in Kolkata where you will get extensive training from teachers. You will learn the grammatical aspects of the language along with the ways in which it is spoken.With constant practice, you can achieve a degree of mastery in German. Let us state some more examples with which you can improve your learning as well as speaking, reading,and writing.

The Way in which Diplomats Learn German

We all know that diplomats learn foreign languages pretty fast. So let us take a look as to how they do so.

Diplomats are assigned to a German training institute where they practice and improve their language skills. In most countries, they need to spend at around 5 hours in their classrooms where they work on their conversations, reading,and presentations. Basically, everything goes on there through discussions.

The diplomats have also access to language laboratories where the training is assisted with computers and audio-video. There are many custom made programs made especially for them so that they can learn the language quickly.

Apart from the regular classroom days, the diplomats are also given homework that is challenging and test their learning levels. If you are a candidate taking up a German course from a good institute, you will also be given homework and you need to complete them in time if you want to achieve proficiency on the language quickly.

The point of mentioning the ways about the diplomats is nothing but to encourage you to walk in the same steps. It might sound rigorous if you are a beginner, but it is the actual way to become an expert in a foreign language. Many institutes will not give you this amount of classroom time. For this reason, you have to assign the extra time you get to training yourself.

Some other steps for becoming efficient in German

While you are taking up the German language course in Kolkata,following these steps are a must. They are:

  • Using of Spaced Repetition System (SRS) is a tried and tested method to help you memorize German vocabulary and phrases. You will be able to learn new vocabulary using this system.
  • Using mnemonics is another effective method for learning as well as recalling German words and vocabulary.
  • Apart from what you are learning at a German training institute, break down your study sessions into smaller sessions of study. This will help you to remember what you have learned and you will also be able to recall the vocabulary whenever required.

Communicate with a Native speaker

German is a language which shares many similarities with the English language and thus a proper training in grammar will help you to get good at the language. Though finding native speakers are not easy but you must keep this as an option. If, for example, you are visiting Germany and are meeting people, try to learn the language from them because that is by far the most efficient way to learn not just German, but any language in the world.

There are many other ways that you can find in a German course provided by an institute and these include watching films and listening to songs etc. which we have not discussed as these can be considered secondary to the main steps that we have discussed above.

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