Advantages to Learn Korean Language

April 23, 2021

Finally, you’ve made up your mind to learn the Korean language, but if you still believe that how it could benefit you, then think again. Korean is one of the sought-after languages with millions of speakers worldwide. Learning it can change your life forever. Here are the advantages of learning the Korean language.

Boost your career

In this era of globalization, bilinguals have a great demand in the competitive job market. From IT to tourism, media to aviation, if you can speak both English & Korean fluently, you can expand your professional horizon & stay ahead of others having the same academic qualification as yours. If you’ve undertaken a Korean Language Course in Kolkata, you can add significant value to your CV and give your career a tremendous boost. Recruiters in leading companies also prefer to hire bilinguals.  From working as a translator to the interpreter, tourist guide to public relations officer, flight attendant to a teacher there are plenty of job options available for you to try.   These are lucrative jobs with high annual remuneration packages & if you have impeccable speaking & writing skills, then you can flourish even more. With experience, you can earn greater.

Make your trip to Seoul unforgettable

Your ability to communicate in the Korean language can do wonders when taking a trip to Seoul. From exploring the hidden gems of the exotic country to engaging in conversation with the natives to enjoying the nightlife with local food & wine, your vacation can truly come alive. Plus, you can go shopping & have the best vacation time.

Study at the top universities in Korea

If you have chosen Korea as your destination for higher studies, then learning the native language can be useful in understanding the instruction. It boasts many world-class universities where the standard of education is high.  The top courses to study in South Korea are Arts & Literature, Business Studies, Economics, Engineering & Natural Sciences, Management studies (including MBA), and Social science, etc. If you have completed a basic or advanced level Korean Language Course in Kolkata, then you can acquire proficiency when speaking with the locals & natives. The course is perfect for you to start from scratch & learn the fundamentals of the language. There are advanced level modules that will help you know about the history & culture of the language & research more by digging deeply. The trainers will guide you with lectures, topic notes, workshops, tutorials, presentations & others.

Make new friends

In a foreign country, it is never easy to become familiar with a stranger.  If you are looking to make new friends in Korea, then the first step would be to learn the language. If you can throw in a few words in Korean, it will be easier for you to make new friends, exchange a few words, socialize, have a cup of coffee, and take the friendship to the next level. Apart from friends, you can find your soul mate too if you know the Korean language.

IITT Language Academy is delighted to bring basic, diploma, & advanced diploma in Korean Language Course in Kolkata for beginners looking to take part in instructor-led classes & develop their skills in the language. With extensive modules on grammar & vocabulary, the courses will give you in-depth knowledge & a deeper understanding of the syntax rules & words. It will also help you become fluent while speaking. IITT Language Academy also presents courses in French, German, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese,  Czech, Turkish & others. If you want to learn a new language to boost your CV or pursue your dream career, it is the best time to do it. The courses are also ideal to make your holiday invigorating. Hurry, join us now.

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