Basic Steps to Learn Arabic Language: Tips from Expert Multilinguists

April 9, 2021

Are you looking to master the Arabic language but don’t know how to get started? Does the Arabic language & culture fascinate you? Does your new job overseas demand knowledge of the Arabic language? Want to learn Arabic for your next trip to the Middle East? If your answer is yes, then you must read this blog as it includes tips from experts.

Arabic is an official language in 22 countries encompassing Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Spain, and Malta. There are 300 million Arabic speakers across the globe with merely 200 million people speaking it hailing from Southwest Asia and Northwest Africa. So how do gain expertise in the language? Here are a few tips from the experts.

Choose which form of the language you want to learn

Is it Egyptian colloquial Arabic or modern standard Arabic? Which form of the language you want to learn & master is the first step you need to take. Both of them have different accents and pronunciations which is natural. Both of them are taught in an Arabic Language Course in Kolkata with extensive classes on alphabets, sentence formation, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

Begin with the fundamentals

Kick-off your learning with alphabets & getting introduced to them. Many learners make the mistake by starting off with the translation of words and sentences. But you must avoid doing it. It is similar to how we learned English back in school. First, you learn your letters, then you learn to form those letters into words, then you learn how to form sentences, and then you learn more about proper syntax and grammar. Never take the short-cut route as it will hinder your progress of learning.

Make use of the dictionary in Arabic

This task is intimidating for beginners. In an Arabic dictionary, words are commonly arranged in three-letter roots. In order to find out a word, you need to have knowledge about what the root is and what letter the root starts with – which is not necessarily the first letter in the word. It is all about regular practice and you’ll get used to it, but the sooner you learn it the better. It will make the whole learning process smooth and more pleasurable.

Get completely immersed in learning

One of the crucial steps for you would be to totally get immersed into learning the language. Use all the resources available including watching TV programs, movies with English subtitles, reading books, researching on the internet, etc, and delve deep. Opt for an Arabic Language Course in Kolkata if you want to learn quickly & become more confident.

Engage in conversations regularly

One of the vital steps that can determine your success when learning the language is taking part in conversations & speaking it on a regular basis.  However, it can be hard to find a partner if you’re not familiar with local Arabic speakers. But the good news is, modern technology is there to solve that problem. You can speak with groups of students of Arabic online, and it’s become much easier to find instructors who will train you and help you in your studies. They will make it easier for you to speak Arabic fluently with their lectures, tips, guidance, & workshops.

Continue learning

Never become complacent or rest on your laurels even if you reach a certain level of proficiency. It will require several years of learning if you want to master the language or acquire expertise in it. Go for an Arabic Language Course in Kolkata in classroom or online format to start from scratch & end up gaining proficiency in it in no time.

Which of these steps do you find to be most useful & valuable in your attempt to learn the language? Give us your feedback & comments in the box given below and we will be more than happy to receive them.

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