Become A Foreign Diplomat By Enrolling For An Arabic Language Course In Kolkata

September 22, 2020

We have seen them in Hollywood movies attending lavish cocktail parties or swanky state dinners with top-level officials. However, a foreign diplomat is far more dynamic and enterprising. If you’re looking to build a career in foreign diplomacy, then there are plenty of global policy issues you’ve to look after. From security to trade, peace to climate change and health pandemics, the list just goes on and on.

An Arabic language course in Kolkata can help you to develop requisite communication skills for the job so that you can explore various cultures and develop a connection with global communities. For this job communicating in foreign language such as Arabic can help you to take part in intricate dialogues in the domain of politics and economics and negotiate treaties with international representatives of various countries.

 How knowing Arabic language can help you to become an efficient foreign diplomat?

A foreign diplomat has to be adept in written communication and foreign language skills. Having a strong grasp over Arabic language will help her/him to become knowledgeable in another culture and work in a new environment. An Arabic language course in Kolkata will equip you with Arabic speaking and writing skills for communication. Besides grammar, you’ll develop your mastery over vocabulary, sentence construction and accent.

Since she/he has to preserve international ties, a strong command over Arabic or other foreign language will help her/him to

  • discuss foreign policies at summits, debates and other discussions and make vital decisions regarding it
  • negotiate treaties and international agreements with international representatives pertinent to war, trade, peace, security, heath pandemic, terrorism and host of other complex issues
  • become knowledgeable in another culture since she/he will be involved in a lot of travelling
  • Engage in dialogues of complex international affairs and preserve peace in her/his own country with lucid and easy to understand oral communication skills in Arabic or any other foreign language.
  • repair hostile relations between her/his nation state and other countries
  • protect and preserve economic, social, cultural, political interests of her/his nation
  • Advice top officials in different issues pertinent to politics, economics, health, trade, security, terrorism, environment, human rights, and much more.

5 Paths foreign diplomats in international relations

Tasks of foreign diplomats differ according to their job title or designation. There are 5 paths diplomats which are as follows:

Economic officers:

Such top-level officers are in charge of science, technology, energy, economic and environmental policies and form partnership with foreign governments, non-governmental organizations and others.

Management officers:

They lead from the front and look after operations like security, human resources, fiscal budgeting and information technology.

Public diplomacy officers:

Their role lies in promoting mutual understanding for diplomatic interests. They offer advice to leaders of tomorrow, academics, government officials and others and have a direct influence on them.

Political officers:

They evaluate the political scenario of their own country and discuss and negotiate talks with government officials of all ranks including ambassadors and prime ministers.

Consular officers:

They deal with matters such as human trafficking, security of national borders, identity frauds and others.

Thus foreign diplomats or service officers are dynamic individuals who depict strong leadership qualities, negotiation skills, cross-cultural awareness, and research and communication aptitude to play a major role in international affairs. They also possess technical expertise and command over general knowledge and current affairs. At present, there are 270+embassies, consulates and other diplomats worldwide. It encompasses countries like Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America and Pacific islands.  The U.S.A has is represented abroad by 13,000 officers.

Are you planning to become a foreign services officer or embassy? Join IITT Language Academy and undertake Arabic language course in Kolkata for the prestigious large-scale job. It will help you build the necessary skills to communicate.

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