Become a Successful Tourist Guide by Learning Danish Language

December 24, 2020

Among various career options, the field of tourist guide is one of the booming ones. It is both delightful and challenging to become a professional in the field. It is always special to explore new tourism locales and get soaked in the culture. If you are interested in this adventurous job and step into this field both in India & overseas, then continue to read this blog post as it will share many details to become a professional.

 Who is a tourist guide?

A tourist guide is a person who organizes the itinerary, accommodation facilities, travel arrangements, food, sightseeing venues and others when a group of travelers visit India and overseas.  You need to be adventurous and have a flair to work at outdoors.

Danish is a popular language which is frequently used in travel and tourism sector. It’s because visitors from Denmark travel far and wide in different countries for vacations & corporate trips. It will be a fantastic first step to enter in this field, if you acquire proficiency in the language for communicating fluently with the tourists. A Danish language course in Kolkata will help you gain a level of expertise with professional guidance & tips.

Your ability to speak in Danish language will help you to explain the historical significance of the popular sightseeing destinations & tourist attractions to the travelers that hail from Denmark. You will also be able to interact fluently when you’ll accompany them in the sightseeing trips by foot or car or explain the amenities of the hotel or resort they are staying in.

 What are the eligibility criteria to become a tourist guide?

There are few criteria that you need to fulfill in order to become a professional in this field:

Age:  There is no maximum age restriction

Academic credentials: Graduation in art, history, culture and archaeology

Language skills: Knowledge of English is mandatory. Proficiency in Danish along with it will always prove beneficial for you as an aspirant. You need to be certified in Danish language and must have undertaken a Danish language course in Kolkata.

What are the qualities needed to become a tourist guide?

If you aspiring to be make tourist guide your career choice and excel in it, then you need to possess certain set of skills, qualities and traits which are as follows.

  • Outgoing & adventurous disposition
  • Pleasant & friendly personality
  • Courtesy & ability to show great hospitality
  • Excellent communication skills & verbal fluency
  • Thorough knowledge of the tourist locales of a particular place or country, business intelligence, ability to deal with large group of tourists, and  social etiquette
  • Preserve the cultural traditions & heritage

Where to find jobs as a tourist guide?

The scope in this profession is huge. Whether you operate in India or overseas, there is no dearth of jobs as there are plenty of tour operators and travel agents offering customized holiday packages. Apart from them, you’ll be able to find employment in diverse sectors such as:

  • Hotels & resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Adventure & leisure tourism companies
  • Heritage sites
  • Marketing of souvenirs

Remuneration & perks

The demand of tourist guides is increasing all over the world with more and people looking to travel for adventure and exploring new destinations. Hence, the salary offered on an annual basis is good and you can enjoy plenty of perks too. As you continue to grow, develop skills, and gather experience in this field, your remuneration package will automatically increase. The future looks promising too as it is predicted that the vacancies for tourist guides will continue to rise.

Planning to become a professional tour guide? Visit IITT Language Academy and go for a Danish Language Course in Kolkata. Tap your creativity and open the door to unlimited possibilities.

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