Begin Learning the Japanese Language with Interactive Examples

September 19, 2018

The Japanese Language is spoken by around 128 million people around the globe. This East-Asian language is also called ‘Nihongo’ in the Japanese script. The language is comprised of ‘Hiragana’, the phonetic lettering system where one can write numbers, dates, places, traditions etc in the simplest way. The language can also be written with ‘Katakana’ which helps in writing foreign words. These are to be written with the help of ‘Kanji’, the writing system of the Japanese language.

The course in Japanese Language is taught by expert teachers who possess many years of experience in the language. They teach the language with interactive examples with the help of which you will understand the concepts of writing, the formation of words and sentences along with the basic grammar.

In the beginning, when you will start to learn, the trainers will use English words to explain the Japanese grammatical structures. You will learn the conjugation rules through comprehensive classroom materials. You will also learn the intonations step by step.

We all know that intonation of high and low pitches are extremely important for any spoken languages. Special care is given to students when they learn the intonations because improper pronunciations can make the spoken words sound very unnatural.

In the primary stages, the training is given by the teachers with the help of charts to help them in writing the ‘Hiragana’ and the ‘Katakana’. To pronounce the words correctly, you will also be given audio clips with the help of which you will practice. To make your writing perfect, you will be given tracing papers using which you will be able to write the Japanese letters and numbers properly. You will be able to learn all of these by taking up the course in Japanese Language from experts.

Memorization Techniques

Only learning the basics will not do. You will need to remember them as well. By joining the course you will learn interactive techniques of language memorization. In this process, the trainers use colored flashcards with words or ‘Kanji’ written over them. At times the trainers will also decorate the classrooms with the students where they will write basic words or sentences in posters. These help in remembering the basic words and numbers.

Every day in class you will practice the language under the supervision of your trainers. To make the learning process fun they will host small competitions between teams through which will help them to remember and recall words and sentences.

Audio Visual Learning

It is one of the most effective methods of interactive learning which is included in the course in Japanese Language. It is seen that video and audio help in memorizing and learning new things. With the help of audio and video which contain a variety of examples of the language, the students will not only be able to learn the Japanese language but also get a glimpse of the Japanese culture.

The learning procedure takes place under the supervision of the trainers who solve the problems of the students that they face while learning through the audio and video.


The trainers will assess you after the completion of each topic to check whether you have understood the language that has been taught to you with the examples. After the assessments, you will be able to know the areas that you need to improve.

When you take up the course in Japanese Language, you will learn with the help of many other effective techniques. Today, there is a huge demand for people who are trained in foreign languages. Additionally, there is a huge shortage of expert interpreters and translators and taking up this course will help you to get one step closer to working at these posts.

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