Boost Your Career by pursuing a French Language Course in Kolkata

October 14, 2020

It is needless to say that the popularity of foreign language courses in India like other creative or professional courses has increased in the few years. Job seekers are looking to learn them for boosting their career and thriving in the competitive job scenario. It is due to globalization, flourish of tourism industry, export and outsourcing, these courses have spread its wings. Your ability to speak a foreign language fluently can open up new job opportunities in different sectors internationally specially in aviation, tourism and hospitality.

If you are a career aspirant then learning French language will surely prove to be a boon. Undertaking a French language course in Kolkata will empower your personal life, improve your chances of getting jobs involving languages, and enrich your power to act as a global citizen. Well it is truly the best time to master a language like French and achieve conversational fluency with the right pronunciation.

Why learning French language is an asset for a career aspirant like you?

French is a widely spoken language and approximately 275 million people worldwide speak it. It is the official language of 29 countries.  If you want to learn it for giving a significant value to your CV, then perhaps it is one of the best decisions you have taken in your life.

There is plethora of jobs available in diverse sectors. Some of them are travel & tourism, hospitality, aviation, MNC, BPO, KPO, foreign embassies, fashion, retailing, automotive, luxury goods, aeronautics, international business, education institutions, and export firms. It proves that the corporate world is waiting with open arms to offer you jobs if you are a bilingual and have a sound command over French along with English. By opting for a French language course in Kolkata, you can expand your horizon about French culture and acquire proficiency in your conversation skills.

 Career advancements after learning French

The French language can be utilized in the tourism industry of India to help the foreign travelers hailing from France, communicate with French tourists who visit India every year for vacation or corporate trips, and to find employment in French-speaking nations. You just need to be fluent while communicating in French.

The education industry also requires proficiency in French language. You can work as a French trainer and give training lessons to the students in schools, colleges and educational institutes. The demand of teachers and lecturers skilled in French language is increasing all the time and with the learning of foreign language being made mandatory in the curriculum of Indian schools, the demand is on a rise even more.

In the hospitality and aviation industry, language plays a crucial role for connecting with people arriving from different countries across the globe. By learning French, you can break the language barrier and communicate with the countless visitors hailing from France every year.

Working as a translator is a viable option if you have written proficiency in French language. With the digitalized world giving access to an unprecedented amount of information to people of all ages, French language specialists can draw an attractive remuneration by working as a freelance translator, proofreader, interpreter, editor, content writer, etc. These job profiles and designations are very much sought-after in the digital world and you can find countless vacancies in the domains.

If your ambition is working in large IT MNCs then mastering French language will be a boon. Several reputed IT companies like HCL, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, Infosys, etc. let their personnel visit abroad for on-site jobs in countries of Europe, Canada, and North & Central Africa where there are countless French speakers.

In outsourcing and BPO sector, the demand of French knowing people is on a surge because of the increasing number of French clients. You can work as a customer care executive or agent and interact with the foreign clients over phone and solve their queries or provide information on certain products or services in order to sell them.

The proficiency in French is indispensable for successful communication in diverse sectors. Step into IITT Language Academy and enroll into online French language course in Kolkata. Get expert guidance, valuable tips, quality study materials, and guaranteed placements in top companies.



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