Boost your Chances of Getting Jobs by Undertaking Danish Language Course in Kolkata

October 19, 2020

In this era of globalization, learning a second language after English or becoming a bilingual is always an added advantage. When it comes to getting jobs, people rely on computer proficiency or pursuing other professional programs, but learning a new language is a boon.

Opting for a Danish language course in Kolkata or taking classes on Danish language can open up new career opportunities and advancements for you. There are plenty of sectors that recruit competent freshers and professionals for various positions and designations. Prominent among them are IT, Aviation, Media, Education, Healthcare, BPO/KPO, Hospitality, Tourism etc. In all these industries, the demand of bilinguals is high and those who has the ability to speak Danish can go a long way in securing lucrative jobs with high remuneration packages annually.

Career options after learning Danish language

After mastering one of the popular Scandinavian languages, you can work in various sectors. With the study of foreign languages becoming integral in the curriculum of schools and colleges, working as Danish language teacher or trainer is a good option. It will also be prestigious for you.

You can choose to work as an online lecturer if you want to impart lessons online. Another fabulous option is to work as a corporate trainer in leading companies and train the employees on Danish grammar and vocabulary.

In the aviation industry, the job of flight attendant is lucrative. A sound knowledge on Danish language and your ability to communicate freely with the people hailing from Denmark can do wonders.  As a flight attendant, you will be required to show hospitality to people and look after their safety on board. Good communication skills in Danish can also land you jobs in cabin crew or present the opportunity to work as ground staff.

The tourism industry brings plenty of jobs for everyone and those who are multilingual can get maximum priority by employers. Here bilinguals are mostly employed as tourist guides where their main responsibilities include planning itineraries of visitors hailing from Denmark, organizing sightseeing trips and accompanying visitors to main tourist locations in India by foot or vehicle, etc.

If you are looking to work in a top international BPO and utilize your fluent communication skills in Danish, then there are options to work as customer care executives or voice process associates. Here you will need to interact with Danish clients over phone and tell them about products or services of the company in order to pitch them for selling as well as respond to their queries or grievances (if any).

The KPO sector is booming too with the need of proficient translators and interpreters. They mainly convert a written material from English to target language or vice versa. If you too want to work as a Danish translator, opt for a Danish language course in Kolkata. There is no dearth of jobs as translators and you can also work as a freelancer.

How to get started?

If you are serious about mastering Danish language for better job prospects and career advancements, then there are many reputed foreign language training institutes and one of them is IITT Language Academy. You can opt for the fundamental, diploma, and advanced diploma programs as offered by the institute. From honing your communication skills with the right accent to writing impeccably with grammatical accuracy in Danish, you can learn plenty of things.

You will get expert guidance and fabulous training facilities by attending the classes in the institute. The ISO 9001:2015 accredited academy boasts world-class trainers and faculties who offer exemplary coaching and adopt unique teaching methods. Apart from Danish language course in Kolkata, it specializes in French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian and other programs.

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