Build An Excellent Career In Diverse Sectors By Opting For Dutch Language Course In Kolkata

September 29, 2020

The Dutch capital city of Amsterdam is unique and beckons countless tourists every year. The picturesque city has a bohemian feel and looks adventurous with its charming canals. Dutch is the official language of the country. It is a popular language with its roots being traced in German and if you’re interested in learning it as a second language then it’s a good decision. It is because due to globalization it is imperative to master a foreign language.

Netherlands is a world leader in industries like agriculture, water management, art & design, logistics, banking, and sustainable energy which mean if you relocate there, you can find plenty of lucrative job opportunities. You can also stay here and find jobs that need fluency while speaking in Dutch. A Dutch language course in Kolkata would help you to learn speaking and communicating with precise linguistic skills, grammatical accuracy, and proper sentence construction.

Get employed by the diverse industries in India

There are many career choices in metros and big cities where most of multinational and transnational companies have established their offices. You can find regional offices of major multinational companies being set up in India. They need candidates with proficiency in speaking Dutch language.

According to a research conducted by MEA, at present, about 180 Indian companies are conducting their business in the Netherlands, and over 115 Dutch companies have their presence in India.

These companies belong to diverse industries such as automobiles, fermentation, chemical, banking, aviation etc. it means jobs are available in diverse sectors if you’re adept in communicating in Dutch.

Job roles that will give your career a boost

After undertaking Dutch language course in Kolkata, you’ll become skilled at the core areas of the language including speaking, reading, listening, and writing. It will be good enough to make you confident to get prepared for the career challenges.

You can choose to work as a translator where you’ll accurately convey the meaning of written words in books or articles from one language to another. You will work in various domains such as business, technical, legal and scientific.

If you’ve excellent communication skills in Dutch & good command over the language, jobs as liaison officer is up for grabs. A liaison office works as a link between two organizations to effectively communicate and coordinate their business activities. There are several MNCS and NGOS looking to hire liaison officer to effectively manage their brand reputation in the market.

There are also options to work as a tourist guide in reputed travel agencies if you’re adventurous and love traveling. You’ll be assigned with duties like organizing the tour itinerary, planning excursions, offering sightseeing advice, and much more. The demand of competent tourist guides in India is on a rise with the tourism industry flourishing. Every year countless Dutch speaking tourists hailing from Netherlands and other European nations come to India for corporate trips and vacation. You can show them the hospitality of the highest order by interacting them in Dutch language.

In the aviation sector, you can work as a ground staff, flight attendant, cabin crew, air hostess and others. Here besides formal job training, knowledge in foreign language such as Dutch can do wonders. A Dutch language course in Kolkata will help you to excel in the competitive yet glamorous aviation industry.

If you’re passionate about teaching Dutch language to the students, work as a teacher or language specialist in reputed colleges, universities, and educational institutes located in India and Netherlands. Many companies require corporate trainers for teaching the language to the employees as a part of workplace training program.

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