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Chinese language course in Kolkata

Fantastic advice to Improve your Ability to Speak Chinese Accurately and Fluently: Advice for Newcomers When trying to learn a language in a foreign country, you have to be careful of the accents. It is one thing to make mistakes and speak with a different accent than the people...


Discover a new way of learning Chinese being in the Chinese language course in Kolkata

Methods matter greatly Chinese language cannot always be learned by simple techniques of memorization, that it has more than 20,000 characters. Now our human memory consists of a parental memory and a parrot memory that operates for storing all the information within a considerable time. After that, the information fades away. Because many...


History of the Chinese language

The Origin Chinese language is one of the most primitive language that has ever evolved. The inscriptions and characters are so old, that they have become almost non-existent. Instead, it has been replaced by scriptures that are more comprehensible and coherent. Many revolutionary figures and other amalgamations of diversified rituals have caused the...


Chinese Exchange Program: Know These before Moving Abroad

So, you have registered for an exchange program to learn Chinese, or you have been selected as a candidate for the exchange program and you might be thinking what to do or how to learn the language when you abroad. Here, we will be specifically focusing on these points....


The HSK Test and How to Pass It –Tips and Best Practices

The Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, or HSK, is the standardized testing system for students learning Mandarin as a foreign language. There are three sections of an HSK exam. They are listening, writing, and oral. The HSK was first developed by the Beijing Language Institute in 1984 to measure the level...


Why and How Learning Chinese Helps in Career Development?

Among the many foreign languages, Chinese has become one of the most popular due to the huge variety of opportunities it presents for its learners. In this blog, we will learn about the opportunities, benefits, advantages, and facts related to the language. Benefits of Learning Chinese / Mandarin Learning...


Ways of Communicating with Chinese People in China

Chinese is an ancient and very popular language for many people from all over the world. Today, the language is being learned by not only Asians but also Europeans and Americans along with people from other continents. You can also easily learn Chinese language by enrolling in a course...


Chinese Language Improvement Techniques for Beginners

Anyone learning a foreign language with dedication wants to improve. Today, people who do not have much knowledge of Chinese as a language now expressly state their eagerness to learn the language. However, if you are a student of Chinese,you will feel the urge to improve since the complexity...


How to Learn Chinese Language Effectively and Start a Career?

Chinese is an old language with more than a billion speakers in the world. At present, many people are learning the language but if one wants to start a career in this foreign language, one needs to learn it effectively. This means learning to speak naturally and confidently. Today,...


Chinese for Beginners: A Basic Understanding of the Language

There are several areas where students learning Chinese face difficulties, and these span across different horizons viz. writing and recognizing the characters, the meaning of the characters forming the language, finding the right characters to make a word and pronunciations. One needs extensive training to learn and improve, and...


Benefits That You Will Get by Learning Mandarin Chinese

There are different types of spoken Chinese other than Mandarin. These include Wu (popularly known as Shanghainese), Min, Hakka, Xiang, Yue (also known as Cantonese) etc. We will focus mainly on the Mandarin variation of Chinese here as this is being learned by most people. If you are interested,...

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