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Chinese language,the rainbow bridge between two cultures

Sometimes we feel Asian languages are difficult in comparison to their European counterpart. It is true for some people and it is not for many. Chinese Language Course in Kolkata is addressing the students from both sides. The specialty of the Asian languages is that they do not follow...


Learn to speak mandarin and link with millions across the world?

China is the most populous country in the world having more than 30 dialects in its national language, is Mandarin Chinese. Almost seventy percent people of China speak Mandarin. Apart from Mandarin Chinese, there are some other languages too which are spoken by the Chinese people and one of...


Get Connected To Growing Economies by Learning the Chinese Language

Considered as one of the oldest languages of the world, it has evolved into two main branches, the Mandarin and the Simplified. Today, the language is spoken by around 1 billion people around the world and also the most widely spoken language. Learning the language will give you a...

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