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What Can You Expect from a Dutch Language Course in Kolkata ?

A Dutch language course in Kolkata will teach you basic Dutch language and vocabulary, grammar and cultural lessons. The main language that will be taught is Dutch. It is a language that is spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname. The course will teach you the meaning of Dutch...


5 Exciting Reasons to Learn Dutch Language Without any Hesitation

Acquiring a new skill in life always stands us in good stead. Whether it is learning to play a musical instrument or taking cooking classes, it teaches us something new. If you’ve made up your mind to learn the Dutch language then there are countless reasons to do it....


What to Look Forward to in a Dutch Language Course in Kolkata?

Finally you’ve made up your mind to take Dutch language classes but you might wonder what kind of lessons you can get. In every language study, it is integral to feature grammar & vocabulary classes and a Dutch language course is not an exception. In this article, we shall...


3 Compelling Reasons of Studying Dutch Language: It’s More Than What You Expect

According to the report published by Taalunieversum, approximately 175 universities in 40 countries offers Dutch language learning courses and it is the third-largest Germanic language after English and German. So are these enough reasons to convince you learn Dutch? The fact is unlike English, Spanish, French or Arabic, Dutch...


How to Get Fluent in Dutch in a Short Span of Time?

Fluency is something that can only be achieved with practice. Whenever you are learning something, you need to understand what you have learned and then practice it in the correct ways possible. Since we are discussing how to get fluent in Dutch, we will mention a couple of steps...


A Brief History of the Dutch Language Every Beginner Must Know

The Dutch language is spoken by over 20 million people in Britain and in many parts of Belgium and the Netherlands. It is also called Netherlandic. Several international organizations such as the EU and Union of South American Nations consider Dutch as their official language and if you want...

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