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French Language Course in Kolkata

An Informative Blog Post on The Top 5 Factors to Take Into Account before Pursuing a French Language Course in Kolkata. French is a language that is used in many parts around the world. Despite being an international language, it is often difficult to learn. This is due to...


Thrive In The Competitive Job Market By Pursuing French Courses In Kolkata

With the world becoming a global village and the barriers of language being broken, learning a second language along with English has become a necessity. It is useful for travelling, higher studies, and business and of course job opportunities. Out of all foreign languages, French is very in demand...


Methods of Passing the DELF, the French Language Proficiency Test

The ‘Diplome d’etudes en langue francaise’ or DELF, in short, is the French language proficiency test for non-native French speakers. The certification is headed by CIEP i.e. the Ministry of Education, France. To appear for the test you will first need to learn the language by taking up a...


French Dialects and Accents around the World: An Overview

Just like any other language, French has also many dialects and varieties. There are more than 270 million speakers of the French language and among these, there are varying dialects and accents and we will give you a brief overview of them in this blog. Today, there are over...


French Language: Benefits, Advantages and Career Opportunities

French is undoubtedly one of the popular most European languages and has a large student base all over the world. There are many benefits of learning and advantages of learning French as a foreign language and we will discuss them here. We will also take a look at the...


Tips To Get Over Your Anxiety in Speaking In French

Are you a beginner in French who is scared of speaking the language, or even trying to speak? You are not alone and there are plenty of learners in the intermediate levels also who feel the same. There are plenty of ways to get over this problem. Today, most...


French Words and Phrases Essential for Success in Business

French is a great business language and by using a set of specific words or phrases you can achieve success in business. To learn these exclusively, there are several French courses in Kolkata and you can get registered to a course in which you are comfortable. Let us take...


Overview of the French Language for Aspiring Students

For aspiring candidates learning French, grammar will not be like that of English. Both languages have very different grammatical systems. For this reason,many people give up on learning French as the new grammatical system can seem to be difficult at first. But, taking up a French language course in...

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