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5 Unexpected Advantages of Learning Portuguese Language

When it comes to learning foreign languages French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian come on the top of our list because they steal the limelight. Not many people think about taking classes in the Portuguese language. It isn’t the first pick for most people. Many have heard of the language,...


5 Smart and Lucrative Jobs for People Who Know Portuguese Language

If you are a budding multilingual or perhaps taking classes on Portuguese language, your next target would be to find jobs that help you utilize your communication skills and prowess. The job prospects are good if you have proficiency in Portuguese and it can open up new career avenues...


Portuguese: Future of the Forgotten Romance Language

The Standard Portuguese as we know is derived from the language historically spoken in Lisbon and Coimbra. Its vocabulary originates from Latin and a number of words have been absorbed from Arabic, Italian, and French and also from some of the indigenous African languages and South American. The origination...


An Overview of Brazilian Portuguese Grammar with Essential Rules

Brazilian Portuguese grammar cannot be represented in a small write up like this. For this reason, we give only an overview of grammar with some essential rules. To learn the language you will need to take up a Portuguese language course in Kolkata from a training institute. The language...


Take a Look at These Quick Facts on the Portuguese Language

Portuguese is spoken by around 200 million people in Portugal,Brazil, The Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde Sao Tome, and other countries. As the third most spoken language of Europe, and the eight most spoken language of the world, this language is gaining popularity worldwide. As there are some similarities...

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