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Want To Build A Brilliant Career? Learn Russian Language In Kolkata

One of the popular and most widely spoken languages across the world is Russian language. Sourced from Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin the Slavic language has risen into prominence in the professional world. There is no denying of the fact that the ability to speak it fluently can open new...


Traditional vs Online Russian Language Course In Kolkata: Which Is Better?

You have finally decided to study Russian language at a leading foreign language academy. But institute and academies offer traditional, online, open, and distance learning courses to students all over the world. They give them the freedom to choose any training mode as per their convenience. But very often...


Learn Russian In Kolkata & Ace Your Career With The Best Opportunities

The demand of foreign language has accelerated at an unprecedented rate in the recent years. In the corporate world, proficiency over foreign language gives an individual an edge over others. Russian language is one such foreign language whose popularity will never dwindle. Many people who are willing to learn...


Why should you choose to learn the Russian Language in India?

It is a joy when you learn a new language! With so many language choices in India, selecting the correct foreign tongue to learn is unquestionably not an easy process. However, there lie numerous benefits to learning any foreign tongues. The abroad study, the pursuit of a hobby, immigration,...


Russian Language Learning: App Based Vs Classroom Training

The Russian, as a Slavic language is mostly spoken across Europe with its roots in Sanskrit, Latin, and Greek. It was the official language of the former Soviet Union and is still the official language of countries viz. Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Russian is a language that can be...


An Overview of the Various Languages Spoken in Russia

Russia is a country where diverse cultures exist along with a high number of languages used all over the country. The Russian language itself is the most popular in the country where approximately 250 million people speak the language and it is also the official language of the country....


How to Introduce Yourself to the Russian Language Properly?

While learning any foreign language, it is important to introduce yourself to it. Naturally, introducing yourself to the language means getting accustomed with it by learning the grammar, formation of words, the writing system and the pronunciation of the words. You can master these by joining a Russian language...


Tips To Memorize Russian Alphabets for Beginners in the Language

Russian alphabet can be scary for many beginners. Students, however, do not realize that the difficulty of the language is the same as that of any other language in the world. Learning Russian has a couple of advantages too that is the speakers can easily learn Latin as Latin...

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