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Russian Language Learning: App Based Vs Classroom Training

The Russian, as a Slavic language is mostly spoken across Europe with its roots in Sanskrit, Latin, and Greek. It was the official language of the former Soviet Union and is still the official language of countries viz. Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. Russian is a language that can be...


An Overview of the Various Languages Spoken in Russia

Russia is a country where diverse cultures exist along with a high number of languages used all over the country. The Russian language itself is the most popular in the country where approximately 250 million people speak the language and it is also the official language of the country....


How to Introduce Yourself to the Russian Language Properly?

While learning any foreign language, it is important to introduce yourself to it. Naturally, introducing yourself to the language means getting accustomed with it by learning the grammar, formation of words, the writing system and the pronunciation of the words. You can master these by joining a Russian language...


Tips To Memorize Russian Alphabets for Beginners in the Language

Russian alphabet can be scary for many beginners. Students, however, do not realize that the difficulty of the language is the same as that of any other language in the world. Learning Russian has a couple of advantages too that is the speakers can easily learn Latin as Latin...


Rules of Grammar a Beginner has to Know While Learning Russian

Grammar is the base of any language in the world and to speak, write or read it correctly, one needs to learn the rules. We will be talking about the grammatical aspects of Russian. To learn Russian language in Kolkata it is necessary that you give your full attention...


Gaining Expertise in Russian Language with Extensive Training

Russian, as we know, is the most commonly spoken language in Europe. Being a Slavic language its roots can be traced to Latin, Sanskrit,and Greek. It is one of the official languages of countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan,and Belarus. Since it is a language of dignity, you can learn...


Why learn the Russian Language for a greater career prospect?

The effectiveness of a language largely depends upon its global popularity. Russian is one of the widely spoken languages not only in Europe but also in the world. A Russian Language Course in Kolkata does offer an opportunity to learn Russian to all the language enthusiastic people of the...


How to learn Russian in a most effective way and gain success?

After 20 years of collapse of communism, Russia is still a happening place in Europe. Global controversy regarding different socio-political issues may be responsible for this. Despite all these Russia still occupies a distinct place in terms of cultural contribution. There are three which phases exist in the contemporary...


Opting For a Course in Russian? Let’s Explore What We Will Learn

Young children of middle class Bengali families become familiar with the name Leo Tolstoy in their sprouting years; such is the influence of Russian culture in the Bengali life. During the Soviet era the influence of Russia invaded the socio-cultural life of Bengal. Not only Russian literature but Russian...


Opportunities You Can Get By Becoming Adept In the Russian Language

The Russian language is being spoken by around 144 million native speakers. Apart from Russia, the language is spoken in different parts of Europe and Central Asia. The language belongs to the family of Indo-European languages and is the seventh most spoken language in the world by the total...

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