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Methods of Teaching Spanish to Children in Simple Ways

Today, we will be discussing the methods of teaching Spanish to young children. This blog is for teachers but even if you are not a teacher and do not possess much knowledge of the language, you can teach your kids the basics of Spanish. However, if you want to...


This Is How Learning Spanish Will Become Easier For You

Learning any new language can be a bit difficult at the start and Spanish is not an exception. Though Spanish is considered by many as one of the easiest languages to learn, one needs to devote a considerable amount of time and energy to be able to read, write...


Why Learning Spanish is Necessary to set up a New Business?

As a businessman, if you are looking to set up a new business in Spain or other Latin American countries, it is natural that you need to learn business Spanish. This is possible if you take up a Spanish language course in Kolkata to get in-depth training. As a...


This Study Plan Will Help You to Learn Spanish Efficaciously

Learning a foreign language requires you to make a proper study plan as it will help you to memorize the words and get a hold of the language. To study Spanish in an organized manner, it is required to get yourself enrolled in a Spanish language course in Kolkata...


Straightforward Approaches You Must Take To Study Spanish in Kolkata

Many people other than Europe are now learning and using Spanish as this language has come to the limelight in the current times.However, to connect with the world through the language one needs to become proficient which one can do so by taking up the Spanish language course in...


Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Learning Spanish

As a beginner in a foreign language, it is natural to make common mistakes. However, it is important to avoid such mistakes and learn the language correctly. Here, we will discuss the mistakes that beginners mostly make while learning Spanish. In fact, many advanced students taking up the different...


Guidelines for Beginners to Achieve Quick Success in Spanish

Quite often beginners find difficulty in learning Spanish and for this, they take different approaches to learning the language. Moreover, today there are different Spanish courses in Kolkata that are designed for learners of the different levels. Today, we will bring forth some guidelines which, if followed properly will...


How to find out the best way to learn Spanish

Learning a foreign language apart from English is one of the latest fashions in the city of Kolkata. Kolkata has become the educational hub for the Eastern India. This is a multicultural city with a long history of colonial rule. The influence of the Western culture is visible in...


Few reasons to learn Spanish for a greater career exposure

Spanish culture has already invaded in our popular media. Be it the posture of Tango or the rhythm of Flamingo or the humming tune of Shakira’s latest album; end of the day these are all Spanish stuff. The term Spanish doesn’t indicate that it has originated from the geopolitical...


Is the skill of Spanish language important to work in the US?

If the answer is yes, it may shudder many minds. But it is the reality of contemporary time. The United States is the country which is located far away from mainland Espana but the presence of the Spanish language is too visible there. What is the reason behind it?...


Spanish Language: Interesting Facts That You Should Know

Spanish is second widely speaking language in the world. It is one of the prominent languages of Europe and a popular language among the music lovers. God bless Latino pop. In Kolkata this language rocks the disc floor with the tune of Ricky Martin, Shakira or Enrique. This language...

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