Chief Features of Norwegian Language Course in Kolkata

January 15, 2021

Have you completed your graduation from a top college & wondering which career to choose or what to do in future? Are you enthusiastic about adding a new skill to your CV? If your answer is yes, then learning Norwegian language is a smart move.

A basic Norwegian language course in Kolkata will teach you plenty of things about the knowledge, develop fluency & skills in both oral & written communication and offer expert guidance. I tis blog post, we will discuss and explore the chief features of the course.

 Guaranteed placement

Qualification and expertise in Norwegian language opens the gate for job opportunities in diverse sectors such as tourism, embassies, diplomatic service, entertainment, media, public relations and mass communication, international organizations, publishing, interpretation and translation. If you undertake the course from a reputed foreign language training institute, you’re bound to get placement assistance. The placement cell of the institute will help you apply for suitable positions as per your career profile, qualification, experience, & act as the perfect platform to bring you & the recruiters on the same platform where the former can select the best candidate for different roles & designations and the later can bag lucrative jobs.

Professional guidance from top faculties

Language enthusiasts who’re keen on learning Norwegian language mostly opt for a Norwegian Language Course in Kolkata for getting expert tips & guidance. From providing lectures to study materials, conducting workshops to giving feedback, you can benefit from several innovative teaching methodologies and interactive activities & acquire proficiency in the language quickly.

In the online version of the course, you can get video & audio lectures, online tutorials, PDF content, interaction through chatbots & emails, & video conferencing facilities with the trainers via platforms like Skype & Google meet for a stimulating learning experience

Grammar & vocabulary classes

The trainers & faculties give priority to teaching grammar & vocabulary in Norwegian language to help you dig deep & master the language. They explain the basic & intricate syntax rules & provide notes on different words & phrases. Since grammar vocabulary is an integral aspect of any language learning, the tutors leave no stone unturned to help students develop a strong command over it.

Student-centric classes

You will be given the opportunity to study at your own pace, have the freedom to ask questions to the trainers, get your doubts clarified in a Norwegian Language Course in Kolkata. If you get stuck, the tutors will come forward to assist you & explain the tougher concepts. They may provide you extra classes to convert your weaknesses into strengths.

Hands-on training

You’ll get exhaustive practical classes in the course which will enable you to become adept in all the core areas of Norwegian language such as listening, reading, speaking, & writing. Apart from the practical classes, the learning materials & textbooks will supplement your skills to the next level. There will also be assignments & assessments from the trainers that will help you overcome your deficiencies, rectify your mistakes & build on your strengths.

Interactive sessions

The course also features group discussions and workshops which will further hone your verbal skills in Norwegian language. The intensive discussion sessions by experts will give your insight on various aspects of the language and broaden your horizon even more. On the other hand, the group discussions organized regularly will lead to collaborative learning.

Step into IITT Language Academy for undertaking Norwegian Language Course in Kolkata. Choose from basic, diploma, and advanced diploma courses and pave the way for exciting job prospects. Our trainers will provide you comprehensive guidance so that you become adept in speaking, reading & writing Norwegian language. We also specialize in other foreign language courses like French, Spanish, Czech, Arabic, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Thai & much more.

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