Chinese Exchange Program: Know These before Moving Abroad

July 10, 2019

So, you have registered for an exchange program to learn Chinese, or you have been selected as a candidate for the exchange program and you might be thinking what to do or how to learn the language when you abroad. Here, we will be specifically focusing on these points. However, when you register for a Chinese language course in Kolkata, you will also receive many guidelines related to the learning the language abroad.

The first and foremost thing that you need to know is the place where you will be learning the language. If you go to Mainland China, you will be learning the official language i.e. Mandarin. This is also the case if you go to Singapore or Taiwan. Now let us see what you can expect in these three countries.

Learning in China

China, as one of the world superpower, is home to approximately 1.5 billion people. If you are going to learn Chinese and want to stay in big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, consider things that these places can be a bit costly than other cities.

In terms of learning Chinese however, the only difference between China and Taiwan is that the former uses simplified Chinese for writing while the latter uses the traditional one.

Learning in Singapore

If you take up a Chinese language course in Kolkata you will get the overview of the language and hence will face no problems in communicating with people of Singapore because pretty much everyone speaks English and it is their official language and the primary language in education and everything else.

The interesting fact is, many Asians go to Singapore to learn English but there are a few Mandarin language schools there and your chance of practicing Chinese in daily life is quite slim. If you want to pick up some Chinese skills but don’t want an in-depth experience, Singapore can be your best choice.

Learning in Taiwan

Taiwan can be a very good place Chinese language immersion course and will give you the opportunity to experience a high quality of life and great communities.

Whichever country you choose, there will be advantages and disadvantages but you will need to adjust accordingly.

Make Some Friends in the Program

Making friends is essential for both learning the language and for getting any sort of help. Apart from that, there are pen-pals or partners of your language exchange program who will be of great support. When you are taking up a Chinese language course in Kolkata you need to make friends who will help you in the course.

In abroad through your friends, you will be able to learn about the country’s culture and language. Most importantly, they will help you get accustomed to your new life.

You can find language exchange partners online or through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The Chinese language can be a bit challenging but it can be acquired with determination and practice. In Taiwan, you can make good friends and explore different parts of the country and try out the countless delicious food (that’s always the most important part). When you learn a language, you will not only memorize the vocabulary or grammar but also everything about the country where that language is spoken. Apart from the language exchange program, you can learn everything including history, culture, customs, people, etc from a Chinese language course in Kolkata. Since it is the world’s oldest language with a history of over 6000 years, the culture and customs are have steadily developed through time. In the course as well as the program you will get to learn how the language evolved and how it impacted the people as well as the culture in the course of time.

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