Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Learning Spanish

January 23, 2019

As a beginner in a foreign language, it is natural to make common mistakes. However, it is important to avoid such mistakes and learn the language correctly. Here, we will discuss the mistakes that beginners mostly make while learning Spanish. In fact, many advanced students taking up the different Spanish courses in Kolkata make certain mistakes of which we will talk about in today’s blog.

Spanish can sometimes be a very challenging language to study and to master even if you are an English native speaker and it is natural if you make common mistakes in Spanish. The reason behind this is, English and Spanish have very different styles and ways to read and speak and this can determine the outcome of how you read and speak the language.

Spanish pronunciations

It is important to pronounce the words properly while you are learning Spanish. For instance, the pronunciation of the letter “R” in Spanish is entirely different than the pronunciation of the English “R”. This is one of the common mistakes while learning Spanish. “R” in Spanish is pronounced properly by placing the tongue behind your front teeth to utter the “R” sound. Whereas in English it is quite the opposite.Here, you need to place your tongue away from the teeth to avoid making that vibrating sound.Though this is one of the common mistakes in learning Spanish, practicing the vibrating sound from your tongue behind your teeth will help and you can learn this by taking up a Spanish language course in Kolkata provided by any reputed institute.

Placing the adjectives

To learn Spanish properly, you have to be very careful about placing your adjectives before nouns. This mistake is made by beginners while constructing sentences.Some of the examples are listed below:

In English we might say “hot water” however, in Spanish,you need to say or write “agua caliente”.
The same one goes for “Wash in hot Water” which is in English.But in Spanish, you say “Lavar con agua caliente”.

Using words correctly

When taking up a Spanish language course in Kolkata, you need to use the words correctly.In Spanish, there are certain words which resemble many English words but the meaning of the word in Spanish is entirely different. To learn more about Spanish you must buy a dictionary.

Improper use of prepositions and sentence order

Just like adjectives, you need to be cautious about prepositions too so as to avoid mistakes. When learning them you have to keep in mind the purpose of using the prepositions. Along with this, it is essential to follow the English sentence order whenever you are writing or speaking. However, you need to pay attention to the places where the subject is placed after the verb.Remember,different word order can slightly change the meaning of the sentence. Hence, it is best to experiment these under expert guidance.

Practicing with patience

Practicing with patience is very important for learning a foreign language. Whenever you are taking up some Spanish courses in Kolkata, you have to practice whatever you have learned in the correct manner.Practice is also essential to remember what you have learned from the course. At times you might feel frustrated as grasping a concept can take longer than expected, but you must put special emphasis on the topics to learn these extensively.

Before you start to learn Spanish you need to keep in mind these things as it will help you effectively. You can also practice Spanish by communicating with a friend of yours in the classroom.It will be even better if he or she is a native Spanish speaker.Another effective way of practicing is to speak in front of the mirror and the most important part of the whole process is to seek help from your trainer whenever you need it.

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