Different Training Methods & Approaches of Vietnamese Language Course In Kolkata

November 17, 2020

Are you planning to take classes on Vietnamese language but confused about which mode of training you should opt for?  Which is better an online Vietnamese language program or face to face interactive lectures?

Methods of training Vietnamese have evolved rapidly. As a language student, you must know about the different methods and techniques so that you are able to find out which mode suits you, make better choices in education, and boost your pleasure in learning. To make your task easier, we have put together various methods & approaches of Vietnamese language training.

The Direct training method

In this mode of teaching, a student can only communicate and use Vietnamese rather than speaking her/his mother tongue. The main focus is given on pronunciation and accent whereas grammar and syntax rules are omitted. Most of the training institutes offering a Vietnamese Language Course in Kolkata adopt this method.

Communicative language teaching

In this approach, main emphasis is given on effective and appropriate student narration and develops communicative competence. Learners are given the opportunity to communicate in different situations they would find themselves in.

It focuses on the student’s ability to interact different functions, like asking and answering questions, making requests, describing, narrating and comparing and revolves around problem-solving and task assessment.


Language immersion, or simply immersion, is a procedure used in Vietnamese language studies in which English is used along with it for teaching grammar and vocabulary. An effective immersion environment involves the instructor communicating in the Vietnamese language slowly and lucidly and using easily comprehensible language.

Learners are required to use Vietnamese language in everyday tasks such as meals and goes beyond classroom education. Immersion is a popular training mode of a Vietnamese language course in Kolkata.

The structural approach

In this method of Vietnamese language learning, intricate grammar rules are learned in a set order one at a time by learners. The structural approach is a procedure wherein the student masters the figure of sentence. … It is established on the hypothesis that language can be best mastered through a research=based selection and classification of the structures or patterns of sentences and vocabulary.

Grammar translation

Learning is largely by translation to and from the Vietnamese language. Grammar rules are memorized and long lists of vocabulary is learned by heart. There is little or no emphasis placed on developing oral ability.

The grammar translation method is a technique to train students of Vietnamese language which is derived from the classical method of teaching Greek and Latin. In grammar-translation classes, students master syntax rules and then implement them by putting into practice. Students learn Vietnamese by translating sentences between the Vietnamese and the local language.

Audio lingual

Vietnamese language can be best learned through this method because it focuses on reading habits without which mastering the core areas of Vietnamese language. The concept behind audio-linguicism is that Vietnamese or any other linguistic learning needs learning habits.

Reading emphasizes on repetition which is considered as the best form of all learning since time immemorial. This process focuses on drill work to enable learners give answers to questions spontaneously and automated. New forms are first heard by students, with written forms coming only after extensive drilling. The language used for these drills is based on what is required for practicing the particular form; it might or might not be natural. Audio-lingual Vietnamese language course in Kolkata is offered by many foreign language training institutes to benefit the students worldwide.

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