Direct Instructional Method of Training Danish Language : Explore the Teaching Techniques & Advantages

December 3, 2020

When you will enroll into a regular Danish language course, you will be exposed to two kinds of training by the professors & faculties. One is a direct lesson plan or instructional method and the other one is a fluid lesson plan.

In direct lesson plans the lecturers & trainers adopt conventional teaching methods. The units in the curriculum are the core structure of their lectures and they will meticulously follow the textbooks. It is a popular method of training in a Danish language course in Kolkata.

In fluid lesson plans the faculties & professors focus on practical or hands-on-sessions which revolve around fundamental conversational skills and grammar concepts.

Teaching techniques followed in the direct lesson plans

Here mostly you will be used to communicate in Danish language directly in order to gain proficiency in it however the use of mother tongue is ruled out. All the classes in grammar & vocabulary will be taught directly in Danish. Teachers integrate several techniques to make your learning fruitful. Let’s explore some of them.

Reading aloud: You will be presented with a book or article that is written in Danish language and the instructors will ask you to put your reading skills into test. However, after plenty of classes in Danish alphabets, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, teachers will give you the reading exercise.

Question answer round: It is a sort of debate where you will take part in an interactive activity like asking questions to the instructors and then answering you. The questions should be asked only inn Danish language and should be pertinent to the curriculum. The main objective is to help you gain fluency in the popular Scandinavian language quickly.

Selfcorrection: Here you will be given a writing assignment and after completing it you will be required to find out your mistakes and rectify them individually without the assistance of the trainers. Self-correction is an effective direct instruction method in a Danish language course in Kolkata.

Conversation practice: In any language learning, conversation is an integral aspect and Danish is not an exception. Instructors will engage in conversation practices with you on a regular basis for every classroom task and they will also ask you to interact with your classmates solely in Danish language.

Fillintheblank exercise: To track your progress in  general and exceptional grammar rules like tenses, prepositions, adverbs, and others, trainers may give  a fill-in-the-blank activity where you have to fill the void with appropriate words.

Dictation: The main objective of dictation is to test the listening skills of elementary and advanced students in Danish language. It is the method of writing the content of what someone else has said.

Writing paragraphs: A paragraph is a sequence of groups of words that are organized and coherent, and are all related to a single topic.

Advantages of direct instructional method

Let’s explore some of the advantages of direct instructional method in Danish language classes.

It is a spontaneous & innate teaching method which trains Danish language akin to the mother tongue. Only Danish is used for communication and the learning is based on diverse classroom exercises & activities that will augment your linguistic skills.

It mainly focuses on speech so if you want to practice speaking in Danish everyday & develop a strong command over it along with fluency & accent, then you will find the method extremely beneficial.

IITT is the best destination to opt for Danish  language course in Kolkata. The institute has established a stellar reputation by featuring panel of expert instructors, 24*7 online support and high-quality coaching materials. Training is mainly imparted by the trainers through both direct & fluid instructional methods to supplement the learning of students.

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