Effective Ways to Monitor your Learning Progress in Swedish Language

December 1, 2020

If you’ve taken lessons in Swedish language and have started to speak it somewhat, then it is great. But you constantly need to learn step by step & improve which will not happen fortnight. Therefore you need to track your progress to measure how much you’ve learnt and make sure your learning methods are proving to be effective and improving your skills.

In addition, you may like to track your Swedish language learning progress to get motivated by remembering how you started from scratch and how far you’ve come. While learning a popular Scandinavian language like Swedish, you may face many challenges initially and the progress can be slow. Tracking your progress can demonstrate you that you’re actually learning much more quickly than you think, which is motivating and exciting.

Consider rereading a written material that you could not read before

Since time immemorial reading is considered a great habit and valuable way to enrich linguistic skills, and Swedish is not an exception. Whether it’s a book, article, blog post or even recipe, if you’ve previously read material that you’ve struggled with, try reading it again. If you once again struggle in reading it, obviously it means that you’ve made no progress at all. If you find difficulty in reading only one or two passages, mark them properly. It means you have somewhat made progress as you could manage reading some passages but not the entire article or blog. If you want expert guidance, opt for Swedish language course in Kolkata.

Create a list of Swedish words, study them and once again get back to them

Make use of one list to learn with at a time at your notebook or journal, and after memorizing and knowing all the words on your Swedish vocabulary list, keep it aside for a few weeks. Then, once again return to the list. See whether you can come up with Swedish version on the basis of English translation. Then, see if you can look at the word in your target language and translate it into English. If so, check that word off your list. Find out how many words were correct. The fun exercise will give you a clear indication of how many words you’ve learned.

Record your conversation

If you’re a beginner and want to accelerate your learning process in Swedish language, then recording your conversation every 4-6 months will be useful.

You may interact or converse on the same topic and record them. Then compare the recordings to track your progress. Doing this on a regular basis will help you understand whether there is a marked improvement in your accent, confidence, syntax, fluency and rate of speech or not. For better learning & tracking outcomes, a Swedish language course in Kolkata is the ideal choice.

Rematch those movies which you could not understand previously

Simple activity like watching movies can go a long way in improving linguistic skills.  However you can also use movies to evaluate your progress that you’ve made so far.

If you’ve ever tried to watch films or TV shows in Swedish language, you perhaps could not understand or follow what the native speakers said so fluently and rapidly, and sometimes it’s tough to even find out where one word starts and the next word ends.  Rematch those movies and TV shows again and figure out whether you’re still struggling or can understand the dialogues of the native Swedish speakers. Well, if you get struck in some words or dialogues, pause it and jot down the time. Get back to them later and this if you can understand the words and dialogues, it’s a genuine progress.

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