Exciting Career Options & Career Prospects after Pursuing Korean Language Course in Kolkata

October 13, 2020

Does Korean culture mesmerize you? Are you looking to have better career prospects by learning Korean language? Well there was a time when learning any other language barring English was considered a secondary qualification or a mere wastage of time. But globalization has changed that perspective. Now learners all over the world are willing to do research and delve deep into foreign languages like Korean.

If you have decided to learn it, then it is no doubt a great choice. It is evident from the fact that many training institutes are presenting Korean language course in Kolkata to help students add significant value in their CV with it.

There are several job openings in foreign departments, companies, and businesses for bilinguals, but due to lack of proper qualifications, these posts stay vacant and candidates often get deprived from lucrative jobs. We have put together some exciting career options after learning Korean language.


The demand of competent language translators is on a surge in the recent years. If you are a Korean language expert or specialist, you can expect to draw an attractive annual remuneration package.  You can also choose to work as a freelancer in the digitalized world.

in fact working as a freelancer is considered to be more lucrative than working in an office. With experience, you can expect your income to rise significantly.


No other profession is as dignified as teaching. Your ability to speak Korean fluently and certification in Korean language can make you a language trainer or teacher in any of the several language institutes. You can harness your linguistic skills and impart lessons to the students in Korean and English language.

 Tourist guide

Korea has emerged as one of top tourist destinations. More than two lakh Indian travelers visited this picturesque country in the year of 2017. It means working as a tourist guide is a good option for you. It will also give you the opportunity to interact and communicate with people, plan their trip itineraries and accompany them in their sightseeing trips by car or foot. Undertake Korean language course in Kolkata now if you are looking to take up an adventurous job like that of a tourist guide in the reputed Korean travel agencies.


Working in prestigious IT companies is an exciting proposition for career aspirants and job seekers. It is because they offer excellent remuneration packages.  You can make use of your skills in Korean to take up jobs as a call center executive and customer care agent where your task will revolve around handling calls for overseas clients.

You can also opt for other job roles such as data processer, content writer, email writer, non-voice support etc.

 Korean companies

Korean companies are reputed worldwide for their quality products and services. There are giant companies operating in diverse sectors such as Information Technology, education, business research, consumer electronics, law, R&D, healthcare, media, automobiles, tourism, construction, trading, finance, services, etc. You will find plenty of jobs up for grabs in these companies if you have proficiency and sound command over Korean language. The employers also give priority and preference to those candidates who are fluent in speaking Korean.

Indian companies

In India, there are several prestigious companies who have invested and capitalized on the lucrative South Korean market. Many companies have branches in South Korea too. if you have knowledge in Korean language, you can find abundant jobs in these companies.

The Indo-Korea Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IK-CEPA), have facilitated significant export of many Indian products in Korean market which has made the bilateral ties even stronger.

Step into IITT Language Academy for taking Korean language course in Kolkata and find 100% placement for a fulfilling career.  Get tips & suggestions from experts and become adept in the language.

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