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December 19, 2018

Cultural imageries are the means to interpret a culture from the perspective of the other. There is a certain ingredient of a specific culture to attract the attention of the outsider which is the image of a country that gets embedded in the mind of the other. The Public Image of France too, has its own significance in the mind of the people who are out of its geo-cultural atmosphere.

France is the land of art, poetry, cinema and also music. The appeal of the country is different and distinct to the world. Despite its rich political past and excellence in other arenas, France is always recognized for its cultural past. Similarly despite being an influential language in the world of business French is treated as a Romance language. French language course in Kolkata is an attempt to teach this Romance language. French has a noticeable past. This language emerged from Vulgar Latin. It was the dialect of Vulgar Latin in the Gaul region of Northern France. Eventually, this language emerged as one of the influential tongues not only in Europe but in the world.

The great writers, poets and other important cultural figures used French as the means of their creation. These writers used the language in a most effective manner.  They are the cardinal forces behind the popularity of the language. French language course in Kolkata is getting influenced by this popularity.  An individual perceives the impetuous to learn a specific language due to a certain specific reason.  One of them is the mental dearth to access the culture of a specific country.

The Influence of the language may come in a different way also. For instance, a business traveler who is planning to visit Paris to meet a client, the requirement for the language is ardent for him because sometimes it is difficult to trust the interpreter when the discussion is too personal in a business context.  The urgency of learning the language is intense in this case.  Both types of the learner are looking for a credible training provider and French language course in Kolkata can serve their purpose.

The scope of French language:

French is not confined within the geo political territory of France.  The French empire has spread its influence all over the world.  There are some parts of Africa as well as Asia which came under the canopy of the empire. Apart from this, some sections of Europe and North America also has adopted French as their official language. As an example, the North American country Canada, has accepted French as one of the official language for the country. French is the official language of Belgium, Luxemburg, and Switzerland. It is not a wise plan to travel Europe without having any knowledge regarding the language. The pragmatic side of the language is one of the cardinal reason that influence a person to learn the language at any cost.

In conclusion it can be said French language course in Kolkata can be taken as Champs-Élysées of French learning. As we know Champs-Élysées is the widest street of Paris and undoubtedly a heavenly promenade for each Paris walker.  The destination of this venture is to gain the competency in the language.  The imagery of the city of Paris may work as the silent invader of the dream of many travel lovers in the world. The imagery of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Tuilerie garden may work as the ingredient of the day dreaming, the flavor of Baguette bread, the taste of Bordeaux wine may entice the taste buds of many.  But without any proper comprehension of the language spoken that atmosphere cannot open the avenue to traverse towards the dream destinations of France.

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