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December 14, 2018

Italian is one of the major languages of Europe. This language has emerged from Vulgar Latin.  Therefore, it has an obvious connection with other languages of similar ancestry. The learner of Italian feels at home with some other coherent language such a Spanish and Portuguese.  Learning the Italian language can open the path to learn these two languages in a propitious manner. An Italian language course in Kolkata has opened a platform for the people of the city to learn this language effectively.

Lingual proficiency is one of the supportive factor for any individual if he or she wants to explore the culture of a specific country. The richness of the culture can cajole a cultural explorer towards Italy as the land Italy was in the center of global civilization. It was not only Rome but another civilization too which sprouted from this geo political terrain and was called ‘Etruscan civilization’. The civilization emerged from Tuscany and this was one of the influential civilizations before Rome. From this perspective, it can be said that Italy is the country that deserves serious involvement of all the cultural excavators of the world.

An Italian language course in Kolkata can be a good guide to all the cultural explorers of India. As we know, Kolkata is the cultural capital of the country and the city has a long history of cultural contribution to the nation. Study of foreign languages has always been one of the important parts of the cultural life of the city. For this, we can see that the Kolkata International film festival drags the attention of the city dwellers. Many film lovers of the city are accustomed with the works of Visconti, De Sica, Rossellini and others. In fact, the great Italian film Maestro Michelangelo Antonioni paid his memorable visit to the city.  Italy is the land of influential culture and Kolkata is the city of cultural appreciation.

Music is one of the major areas where Italy has cast its mark in the world. Opera is one of the major musical forms in Western classical music. Italy is the birth place of opera and the form emerged from the city of Florence in Italy. It was the innovation of the group called Florentine Camerata.

Till today, Kolkata has retained its heritage to facilitate the western music culture. There was a listener group called Gramophone club formed in the early 50s and highly celebrated cultural icons such as Satyajit Ray was a prominent member of the club. The city organized concert of Italian musical groups in different times. Celebrated conductor maestro Balderi performed in the city and the city organized the birth anniversary celebration of great Italian composure Giuseppe Verdi in the famous venue of St. Paul’s cathedral. Therefore, it is clear that Kolkata has receptivity for Italy and its culture and the Italian language course in Kolkata is the gateway to the Italian cultural lover of the city.

Possibility of a career is one of the major opportunities that a training or academic program can offer to attract the attention of the young generation.  Italy retains an age old relationship with India and in the contemporary period it has become more intensified. As a prominent member of EU (European Union), Italy is one of the major partners of India. Italy is also one of the major exporters in India. In the year 2016 the valuation of the export was US$3.9 billion dollars.

According to the memorandum of agreement signed by both the nations, the countries will cooperate in the bilateral development in important areas such as energy, investment, cultural exchange etc. For this reason, this language has become a favorite of people who want to pursue their careers in a foreign language.

In conclusion, it can be said that an Italian language course in Kolkata forms a cultural bridge between Italy and India and language enthusiasts are taking up the course so that they can expand their horizons in terms of career.

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