Exploring the Spanish Dialects in the World: A Short Study

June 17, 2019

Before exploring the Spanish dialects, we need to know what a dialect is. Basically, a dialect is defined as a form or variety of a language that is spoken in a particular area. There are many Spanish dialects across the globe and to get a brief idea about these, you need to take up a Spanish language course in Kolkata. While learning, however, you should not mix up the different dialects in Spain with the different languages spoken in the country viz. Spanish, Catalan, Asturian, Occitan Galician, and Basque.

There are around 400 million Spanish speaking people in the world with 20 speakers Spanish speaking countries.

Dialects of Spain

In Peninsular Spain, there are seven major Spanish dialects. They are, Spanish (Castilian), spoken by about 99% of people of Spain, Catalan / Valencian is spoken by 17%, Español Ibérico is spoken in Spain and neighboring countries as a first or second language, Galician by 8%, and Basque by 2% of the total Spanish population.

The Andalusian is spoken in Andalusia and the Canarian in the Canary Islands. On the other hand, the Castilian is spoken in northern and central Spain including Madrid. In Catalonia, the Spanish dialect is different and is spoken in the Valencian community, Andorra and in the Balearic islands.

Spanish spoken in Galicia is called Castrapo and Castúo is spoken in the autonomous community of Extremadura and Murcian is spoken mainly in the autonomous community of Murcia. A lot about all of these can be learned by taking up the Spanish language course in Kolkata.

Spanish Dialects in Latin America

In Latin America, there are plenty of different Spanish dialects too. The Spanish that is spoken in Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and others differ slightly from one another. It is just like that of English that is spoken in England versus that of in the USA. Let us take a look at these dialects now.

Mexican Spanish

One of the largest Spanish speaking countries in the world is Mexico. This form of Spanish has some unique vocabulary patterns. This form of Spanish is also spoken in parts of the United States and Canada. The
dialect, however, differs from that which is spoken in the Spanish peninsula.

Andean Spanish

Andean is another form of Spanish that is spoken in the central Andes and in parts of western Venezuela, northern Chile, southern Colombia, Northwestern Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. In the Western Hemisphere, Andean Spanish is often considered the “purest” and best spoken Spanish. In the Spanish language course in Kolkata, you will get a taste of this form of Spanish. Also, this form tends to be clear and easy to understand.

Rioplatense Spanish

In Argentina and Uruguay, this dialect is spoken. Instances of Rioplatense can be found in the cities of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Rosario, La Plata, and Bahía Blanca in Argentina, and Montevideo in Uruguay. The Rioplatense is heavily influenced by Italians who settled in these areas in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The intonation of this form of Spanish reflects Italian.

Spanish in the Philippines

There are about 2 million Chavacano speakers in the Philippines. It is a Spanish-based creole which developed in the southern Philippines. Since Spanish has its historical roots in the Filipino culture all long the colonial era, one can find thousands of Spanish loanwords in the Filipino languages.

Because of the traditional base and the similarities shared by these languages, usage of Spanish is mentioned legal documents and courts of law. There are many other Spanish speaking countries in the world as well and you will be able to learn more on this from your tutors while taking up a Spanish language course in Kolkata. In our upcoming blogs, we will discuss more on this topic.

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