Finding Exciting Jobs That Utilizes Verbal & Written Communication Skills in Finnish Language

November 6, 2020

Are you a budding multilingual? Are you studying Finnish language at a leading training academy? Does Finnish language fascinate you? If your answer is one of these questions, then you must find a career that utilizes your linguistic skills.

If you are looking to stand out in the job market, then one thing is clear you need extra skills. But how learning a language like Finnish can take you in your career? Well, the answer is far, very far. There are plethora of exciting jobs you can find after completing a Finnish language course in Kolkata. Let’s take a look at them.

Translation & Interpretation

If you are looking to put your writing skills to test, then the ideal career option would be to work as a translator and interpreter. However these are specialized jobs that needs expertise, and only if you are comfortable with writing Finnish and have sound command over it can opt for these jobs.

Both of them are lucrative posts in this digital age and working as a freelancer would fetch a handsome income every month. The advent of globalization has also increased the demand of translators and interpreters.

Travel and hospitality

The global tourism sector witnesses steady growth every year and communication is the best way to connect to them and provide best customer care services. Your ability to speak in Finnish fluently will help you to interact with the tourists hailing from Finland.

The best thing about finding jobs in tourism and hospitality sector is that they give priority to linguistic skills and put emphasis on training on-job rather than qualifications and degrees. It means if you possess superior communication skills, you will go far and achieve career growth. A Finnish language course in Kolkata will give you the training required to speak fluently and write impeccably.


It is needless to say that media is a powerful sector. The journalists and reporters have gone beyond borders and broken the language barriers to bring out true stories, collect groundbreaking news, researching and speaking during the interviews.  Your proficiency in Finnish language will help you to get success and improve the quality of work as a journalist or reporter. You can also work as a proof reader or editor.

Customer care representatives

The demand of customer care department has increased by leaps and bounds in diverse industries. No doubt this has given rise to more vacant posts for customer care representatives. Their main role includes resolving queries and grievances of the foreign clients and pitching them company’s products and services in order to sell them over phone. You can utilize your Finnish verbal communication skills in reputed international BPOs and outsourcing firms.

Sound verbal communication skills in Finnish can also bring in jobs as non-voice agents and representatives where you need to interact with the Finnish clients through emails or via chats.


The aviation is one lucrative industry where everyone wants to take the plunge. Here the demand of linguistic skills is huge. With excellent communication skills and pleasant personality, you can go a long way. There are jobs available as ground staff, cabin crew, flight attendant, and others.

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