French Language; A perspective of its linkage with the Indian culture

January 14, 2019

It was 20th August 1920 an exceptional young wanderer from Bengal arrived at Paris to meet a great man personally. This venture was the part of his plan of an unprecedented exploration. He was ambitious enough to explore stalwarts of different fields all across the world. By the influence of this impetuous, he knocked the door of Romain Roland. It was an astonishing experience for him to access this colossal personage face to face. On the other side, Roland was more astonished to see this “tall well-built orange-brown” exceptional young man. Gradually, he discovered that he is “no ordinary” personality, but one with an outstanding faculty in Western and Indian classical music. It was the first interaction with Romain Roland and Dilip Kumar Roy.

The stellar icon of French intelligentsia Romain Rolland saw the face of India by looking at this amazing handsome flower of the age. It was the inception of his direct interaction with India. Afterwards, Roland got some other visitors from this distant land and who were they? There were Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, and Jawaharlal Nehru. They wanted to explore the face of France in the face of this tall, slender, secluded personage whose profound gaze was the intimidation of the explosive he was born at the center of his consciousness.

Eventually, Rolland took his pen for the exceptional articulation the life of some rare representatives of humanity whose took birth in India. He penned down the life of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and Gandhi. Thus, a new relationship between the East and West took shape.

Who was Romain Rolland? With out fetching support from the opulence of imagination it can be said that Rolland was the epitome of the French culture in that period. Who were his friends? Albert Schweitzer, Maxim Gorky, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein. What was his achievement? Nobel Prize in literature for his path-breaking literary masterpiece ‘Jean-Christophe’. This alumni of ‘Ecole Normal Superior’ was the accomplished researcher of two Ph.D. theses on the history of music.

An era of new cultural relation between France and India started when Roland advised his friend Sigmund Freud to read Sri Ramakrishna to understand human psychology properly.  Freud found his theory of ‘Saitama oceanic’ or ‘oceanic feeling’out the postal discourse with Roland, but the shadow of Ramakrishna is visible behind.

This incident can be taken as one of the facts of the mutual fraternity of two different cultures, the French and the Indian. Here,the French language acts as the bridge for two races that can bring them closer. Dilip Kumar was well conversant in French and this skill helped him to touch the heart of this stalwart. Today, there are numerous French courses in Kolkata which are attempting to introduce this skills to the citizen of this metropolis since a long period of time.

At the initial level it was ‘Alliance Francaise’, the French training institute which belongs to France, started their teaching and cultural venture in the city since 1940.

The opulence of French language attracted many eminent personalities of city intelligentsia.  Professor Chinmoy Guha is one of them. Being a student of English literature it was not an easy task for him to attain an exceptional command over French, which he developed after studying in a French training institute of the city. What was the secret of his enthusiasm? An overwhelming love towards the literature and the culture of that country is the only answer. As the reward for this love, Prof. Guha received ‘Chevalier des Arts et des Lettre’, and ‘Chevalier des Palmes Académiques’ from the Government of France.

The example of this kind can inspire umpteen number of French language enthusiasts of Kolkata or any other part of the country. The French language course in Kolkata is here to support their ambitious aspiration. In most of the time,French courses in Kolkata address the requirement of the leisure learner but the quality of the training and prospect of the study can convert him to a career learner.

The career learners do not learn the language for the leisure purpose rather to develop their career in the language related profession. One of the prestigious profession in this regard is the profession of an interpreter.

The importance of the profession is huge. The interpreter interprets the language in the important juncture of decision making of the delegates of two countries. The French language course in Kolkata is the type of academic program that can help the learners to channelize their learning enterprise towards this direction or any other which are directly related with language.

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